George Clinton to Head “Safe Space” Safety Pin Tour 2017


downloadFunk legend George Clinton announced plans to head a “Safe Space” college campus tour in 2017 to highlight the suffering of affluent kids traumatized by belief systems outside their world view. Here he is in rehearsal.

Not all Trump supporters are white supremacists. In fact, that argument only highlights a self-evident prejudice because it is deliberately appealing to guilt by association, much as a Klansman would do when highlighting a heinous crime committed by a black person as a trait common to an entire race. Lots of blacks, Latinos, voted for him and it had nothing to do with racism. 29% of Latinos, often targets of white supremacists, actually voted for him. Maybe it had a lot to do with Hillary calling half of Republican voters deplorables and irredeemables. Or how about the millions of 2012 Obama voters that found her so deplorable they didn’t even exercise their cherished right to vote, as an act of conscientious objection?

FAIL. Your candidate sucked ass. Don't blame the Trump voters.
FAIL. Your candidate sucked ass. Don’t blame the Trump voters.

Focus on the issue, or leader, not supporters.

Seriously, do you really want to sound like an embittered Pocahontas?

Check out her body language when Anderson Cooper calls her out on an obvious smear. She’s lying and is forced to ask , regarding Steve Beannon, “he associates with white supremacits, will you go that far?” In this argument, she is literally appealing to guilt by association, a logical fallacy at best and when deliberate, an unflattering display of stupidity.

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