DNC Wikileaks: “Dangerous Donald Trump” Narrative Now Suspect as “Violent” Bernie Bros Narrative



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Please note both are fear-based narratives consistent with the most nefarious psyops and propaganda in politics.

“Violent” Bernie Bro Narrative

A narrative, in political terms, is a fictional story that is intended to frame a candidate in a positive or negative light. In modern attacks they are conveyed by manipulative and deceptive editing of video and/or audio which is then amplified in the media. The term framing is self-evident: you are setting someone up for something they did not, or do not do.

It is the opposite of the history of  a candidate, which relies on facts and records. Here, the DNC outlines the framing of Donald Trump and the narrative to be used. They also did this to Bernie Sanders, with that narrative being that he’s a commie, crazy, and that his supporters are violent, “chair-throwing,”and dangerous “Bernie Bros.” Remember when Sen. Barbara Boxer went on national television to announce that this concocted incident caused her to fear for her life? That was Bernie getting framed by a supposedly “impartial” DNC in a narrative spread by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz herself.

“For your framing purposes, here’s our narrative guide for how to talk about Trump:

“Dangerous Donald Trump Lacks the Judgment or Temperament to be President

“Donald Trump’s recklessness would hurt our economy, diminish our standing in the world, and make our communities less safe. Trump is dangerous, and he lacks the judgment or temperament to be president.

“His impending nomination is a reminder that for years the Republican Party has elevated extreme voices, using divisive campaigns that sought to exploit unfounded fears for political gain. And just like Republicans in Washington have done for years, Dangerous Donald is only looking out for himself. His plans would benefit those at the very top and would drag our country back to where we were when the last Republican president left office losing 800,000 jobs a month. The American people can’t afford to let him bully his way into the Oval Office.”

False “Bernie Bros” Chair Throwing Claim Propagated by Media Debunked

More DNC emails proving anti-Sanders narratives

Leaked Emails Show DNC Officials Constructing Anti-Bernie Narrative

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