Endorse Someone Who Rigged Election and Violated Our Civil Rights? Fuck You.


[pullquote]If the message of Sanders is to vote for Hillary for fear of Trump, Sanders is a fear monger, and he deserves Clinton’s fate.[/pullquote]Take a close look at James Comey, the FBI director. There was an honorable man, a man of integrity who stared down George W. Bush. And look at what the Clintons have reduced him to; a man stumbling over his own words trying to prove to the world that intent is a concept impossible to prove. Rep. Trey Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, reminds him how intent is proven in a court of law in the video slideshow below.

That was Comey. So will it be you now? Will you, the American citizen, be the next to cower and fold in the face of the Clinton dynasty and crime syndicate?

Sad, but understandable.
Sad, but understandable.

As it is already, even before the FBI findings, polls show the most flattering numbers are that about half of Sanders supporters would never vote for Hillary even with an endorsement. That alone, if true, means Hillary cannot win, especially now with two more key investigations launched: one for perjury, which is impossible to contest in the public eye as it was televised and now on record with the email investigation, and a renewal of the State Department’s investigation. Add to that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, the biggest scandal of all which some FBI/CIA insiders believe could take down the entire government and is already threatening a large body count.

Published on Jul 15, 2016
Assassination Of Top US Democratic Party Official Leads To FBI
Capture Of Clinton “Hit Team” – DNC official Seth Rich, 28 years old,
assassinated 10 July 2016.
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2) Thumbnail image – DNC official, Seth Rich,
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“Ambient Ambulance”


Bill and Hillary take turns? Perjury charges are serious.

We have Rep. Darrel Issa calling for a government shutdown if Hillary is not called into account or doesn’t lose her security clearance.

Comey says the FBI found no basis to support the allegation that Hillary lied about the emails. Let that sink in. After the State Department report of June 24, 2016, everyone; from The New York Times, to The Washington Post, to all the pro-Hillary assets in the media, no one believed for one second that Hillary was honest. Everyone now knew she lied about the emails.

Comey’s ridiculous answer where he claims he doesn’t know if Hillary lied or not because he can’t read her mind, essentially, created this exchange below with Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who finds a clear opening for an FBI perjury investigation which is now ongoing. It is a perjury charge now impossible for Hillary to defend against without an obvious, and ill-advised, move by Attorney General Loretta Lynch or Obama to obstruct justice. President Bill Clinton was impeached over a perjury charge.

Super Classified Materials on the Clinton Email Server, Gross Negligence, and Now Perjury

NOTE:  A Special Access Program (SAP) is an intelligence program classified above top-secret. They are held on closed servers at secret locations. The only way to get one is if you are specifically read on to a program, have a need to know, then you must physically go to a location and pass through several layers of security to even look at the program. A good example in non-classified terms would be the locations and operations of our intelligence operatives around the globe, or our missile silo locations.

[pullquote]By endorsing Hillary, who supports the TPP and fracking, Sanders could also destroy his movement, and if he does not believe this is so, there are plenty of people that helped create his movement that can demonstrate this in time to tank any chance of Hillary getting elected.[/pullquote]If Hillary’s lead is 4.5% now, we need to shave off at least 5-10% for third party candidates running for president. We know they can make a difference, much as Ralph Nadar did. That makes Hillary’s lead disappear. But it gets much worse for her. Those polls tend to show results from registered Democrats, but there will be a large exodus of Democrats on July 29 in the #demexit or earlier, if Sanders endorses Hillary. If even just 10% actually follow through, it will be devastating, but the number will likely be higher.

Anyone who knows anything about group psychology knows what can happen when a leader endorses what has been the focus of supporter outrage.

It doesn’t matter how popular that leader is, the anger doesn’t just dissipate because, the outrage boils over to that leader and the endorsement backfires. That anger is based on election fraud, a deeply personal attack on every voter felt at the marrow and the most emotionally tangible level, and it is akin to hearing someone you once respected saying the person who violated your most basic civil right is actually honorable, and doing you a favor because she is the only thing to protect us from that scary, big bad naughty man Trump who like Sanders, opposes the TPP, the most significant issue in this election as it allows for corporations to have sovereignty over governments affecting everything from laws curtailing global warming to GMOs to internet censorship to health care and drug prices.

In such an event, the inevitable outcome is a splintering of the movement or at least major division. By endorsing Hillary, who supports the TPP and fracking, Sanders could also destroy his movement, and if he does not believe this is so, there are plenty of people that helped create his movement that can demonstrate this in time to tank any chance of Hillary getting elected. Sanders saying Clinton, a pathological liar, would not back the TPP after publicly endorsing it 45 times, is essentially Sanders saying “I am fucking liar” or “I am too fucking stupid to breathe.”

DNC Election Fraud 2016


MSNBC poll showing 84% of Bernie voters would not endorse Hillary, even if he asked.

Right now, Trump and Clinton are about tied at best, which means Trump wins in November. And if Trump wins, so fucking what? The DNC proved our votes can be invalidated, by our own party, without recourse. For example many Democrats now fear that simply being on the DNC voting list means their vote could be electronically cast for Hillary against their will, even if they do not vote in November, much like hundreds of dead voters cast a ballot in Los Angeles in the 2016 CA primaries. That means the only remedy to prevent this fraud is leaving the party, making the #demexit not just symbolic but necessary.

What this all means is Hillary would lose to Trump, no matter how much Bernie tried scaring people into voting for Hillary. The #demexit is very real. If Bernie is not the nominee there is already a move for Democrats to leave the party and go independent, simply because of the voter fraud/racketeering lawsuits and not just because Bernie didn’t get the nomination. A Stanford study, two of them now, have concluded that the chance that Hillary actually won a clean election was 1 in 77 billion. The fraud is real. None of this is baseless. The California Secretary of State has already been served, and so has the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. More on the latter here.

AP rounds up super delegate count to make false claim about Clinton win. They can’t vote until July 25, 2016.

For many, however, it isn’t about Bernie anymore, it is about integrity and the rule of law, and why anyone who stole their vote deserves to get their vote in November. Hopefully, Bernie doesn’t take his supporters for idiots. Those in California, Arizona, Nevada, Puerto Rico, and New York, and more, all have a very serious, and justified, cause to never vote for Hillary or any Democrat again. They may not vote at all, but a third party is the only rational and ethical choice.

It may be, in a worst case scenario for them, that Trump wins and there is a new wave of Republicans coming in. The objective now is growing a meaningful and powerful third party, and as Bernie supporters say, “It’s not about Bernie, it’s about us.”

It really is now.

Moreover, if Hillary loses her security clearance why would Sanders endorse her? And if it is about beating Trump, and the best chance of doing it is going independent, why would he back Hillary?

We already have proof of election fraud in several states, of DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign and media to rig the elections, which is already a class action lawsuit.


So There’s This Little Thing We Call the Voting Rights Act of 1965…

That act was violated by the Democrats in 2016, affecting and disenfranchising Americans of every color.

Anyone who would endorse Hillary cannot make any claim to credibility or integrity. We are being asked to choose between a known history of corruption, war mongering, scandal, unaccounatbility and incompetence, and the threat of it. Which is worse? Trump didn’t steal our votes, according to exit polls, but Hillary clearly did. And it is so obvious, in fact, it has sparked a federal racketeering lawsuit.

Say it was the other way around, and the primaries were rigged for Sanders since 2014 and you put all that sweat, all that money, all that hope, all that phone banking to vote for Hillary when it was all rigged for Sanders? How would you feel? Would any fear of Trump make you want to vote for Sanders after he stole your vote?

Moreover, would Sanders be arrogant enough to believe for one second that this anger would not boil over to him if he endorsed Clinton for her doing this to his own voters?

Odds Hillary Won Without Widespread Fraud: 1 in 77 Billion Says Berkeley, Stanford Studies:  Study this graph, Do you see the vote flipping so palpable the shapes are exactly the same if you folded it from the middle and superimposed them ?
Odds Hillary Won Without Widespread Fraud: 1 in 77 Billion Says Berkeley, Stanford Studies:  Study this graph, Do you see the vote flipping so palpable the shapes are exactly the same if you folded it from the middle and superimposed them?

Sanders will literally have to prove there was no voter fraud, there was no suppression, that Hillary is trustworthy, and none of that is going to happen. It’s no longer about Berniecrats, it’s about justice. It is about civil rights, and how blacks, whites, people of all colors were disenfranchised by the Democrats, and robbed of their votes in 2016.

So why expect Sanders supporters to feel happy, rather than indignant, about being shamed into voting for Hillary? That is the unspoken but palpable sentiment among voters today. You may not see it in phony psyop polls excreted by her campaign that are designed to prove an unwavering or even growing support for Hillary, but it will be very, very obvious on election day. Above everything else, it is is the election fraud, not a hatred for Hillary, that will change everything. Voters in the Democratic party now know their vote means nothing, and they are the ones that plan to leave in the #demexit or not vote at all.

The Republicans will not allow the Democrats to rig the presidential election, anymore then the Democrats allowed it in 2012 when Karl Rove tried to rig the election in Ohio with electronic, vote-flipping patches. Why would they? They can control the Executive Branch now, thanks to Hillary, and dispense with any deals they cut with her earlier.

Proof the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign to rig the 2016 primaries.

[pullquote]So say it was the other way around, and the primaries were rigged for Sanders since 2014 and you put all that sweat, all that money, all that hope, all that phone banking to vote for Hillary when it was all rigged for Sanders? How would you feel? [/pullquote]Throughout our lives, there are times  when our very character is tested, where we must choose between evil and good, right and wrong, and stand firm until the storm passes. For those of us  who have no jobs, no shelter, no food but still have dignity; well, you take that dignity away, we have nothing at all. Do not dare ask us to do that. Do not dare ask us to do that for fear of Trump, or terrorism, or global warming, or anything else. It is deeply insulting, and it is the definition of the same fear-mongering Trump is accused of, rightly or wrongly so.

What would Bernie tell the people of California, for example, where there is self-evident proof of voter suppression, acknowledged even by Sanders when AP falsely announced Hillary’s win on June 6, the day before the California primary; done so that people would think it was pointless to go to the polls the next day because Clinton had already won? Will Bernie say “Trust Hillary, who cares if she stole your votes, Trump is a scary, big, bad bigot man! She is our best chance to have a progressive government because we can trust Hillary! Hillary never lies, even when she lies!  She is the best chance to stop Trump! He is a bad, bad scary man and you should be afraid!”


“She is our best chance for peace! Her foreign policy is peerless, she destabilized Libya and, against pentagon advice, had Gaddafi assassinated which then created a breeding ground for ISIS. She tried to start a war with Russia with the regime change in the Ukraine, and promoted wars that are supposed to be endless so she can arm both sides, enriching herself and defense contractors backing her like Raytheon or Lockheed-Martin, so she could then launder those profits through the Clinton Foundation. She is a dove and loves peace because, I, Bernie, have spoken and said so.”

Should we trust a pathological liar to honor non-binding promises?

And if the message of Sanders is to vote for Hillary for fear of Trump, Sanders is now a fear monger, has lost his legacy as the people’s advocate, and he deserves Clinton’s fate. Unfortunately, that fate is certain, and it is not a pleasant one, judging from what just happened in the “clearing” of her name. The FBI Director was forced to testify, and now the Attorney General herself has to testify, reminding us all that one way or another, no one will be above the law. After all, Hillary’s best case scenario in this imbroglio, not getting indicted, actually created two new scandals and investigations, not to mention that surrounding the Clinton Foundation: again, a perjury investigation by the FBI, and a re-opening of the State Department’s investigation in Hillary’s handling of classified materials.

In a way, this in and of itself has proven to be the worst case scenario for Hillary. There is nothing Bernie can say to redeem her without losing his credibility, legacy, and honor. She embodies everything he devoted his life to fighting. There is absolutely nothing he can say.

Bernie’s strategic silence on the voter fraud, the Guccifer 2.0 hacks proving DNC and Clinton primary rigging, the federal racketeering lawsuit regarding that fraud, all of that boggles the mind. Those voting rights, for which so many bravely died, that should be the focus rather than pretending our trust in the DNC or a bloodline political stooge like Hillary is warranted just because Bernie says so.

Had this been any other year, we get it, you endorse your opponent after the primaries. But this year was no ordinary year, and this time the very people who struck us down, and cheated us in polling booths from Puerto Rico to California want our vote. Think hard about that Bernie: what would you give them? A promotion to Commander in Chief? Is that how you roll?

If that is the case, kindly roll away from the national stage, we never knew you.


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