Robert Pattinson’s Unibrow Walks Off Set

Robert Pattinson of "Twilight" fame had no comment after his unibrow walked off the set in a bitter contract dispute with producers refusing to recognize it as autonomous and sentient. Presently filming his new teen romance "Smell My Finger, Dudes", Robert had little to say except he can't resume filming until he stops waking up to this… […]


When Klansmen Killed “a thousand future generations of n*ggers”

FBI’s own evidence and unclassified documents prove Wayne Williams wrongly convicted for the murder of 30 black children… “Mrs. Catherine Leach is enraged that the best kept secret from the public in this crisis Is the brutal manner in which most of the children were mutilated. It is common to find among the bodies— castrations, hands amputated, feet amputated, lips and ears cut off, as well as part of the face. Why, the secret? It reads like old-fashion racist killings.” […]


What it’s all about…

Not too long ago a friend invited me to her daughter’s birthday party. I had a wonderful time, but as I watched the children play a sadness fell upon me. The cognitive dissonance was over. I had learned a few things over the last few weeks about human nature, about power and secrecy, about monsters portrayed as heroes and heroes portrayed as monsters. […]

Gratuitous Impiety

Agent Joe Mahma

Joe Mahma, Impious Digest staff writer, stars in his first feature film set in 1960s Mexico. Here’s a clip from “We Hope You Don’t Speak Spanish.” […]


Attempt to Rewrite Nixon as Heroic Foiled

Recently, The Miami Herald pulled off such an insult to its 13 readers (most of them staff writers), such a jaw-dropping, crass deception you can only wonder if the short yellow bus has a terminal at the newspaper’s offices. After you read Kevin G. Hall’s article, watch the clip and listen to the Nixon tapes. […]


Censored Brady Bunch Episodes

Not every Brady Bunch episode made it past the zealous censors of 1970s television. Even this, the most innocent of shows, the most wholesome, managed to somehow offend the sensibilities of anal retentive network censors. Here now, for your perusal, the lost classics… […]

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Discrimination by Eye Color Indoctrination vs. Education No One Has an IQ Philip Zimbardo: Why ordinary people do evil … or do good The Asch Experiment: How People Believe Obvious Lies The Battle for Your […]


Martin Luther King, Jr. at Grace Cathedral

In 1965, as a part of the Festival of Grace, celebrating the 1964 completion and consecration of Grace Cathedral, Bishop James Pike invited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to visit and preach at Grace Cathedral. Dr. King accepted and the date was set; March 28th, the fourth Sunday of Lent. […]