Margaret Sanger’s “The Pivot of Civilization” Reviewed

Margaret Sanger and the Forced Sterilization of Americans



The Pivot of Civilization, by Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger would deeply influence America’s infamous  sterilization laws. Adolf Hitler, while in prison, was so influenced by the eugenics movement it would literally form the foundation for the Holocaust: the Final Solution as to the question of “race hygiene.”

“The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring… represents the most humane act of mankind.”

Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, Vol. 1, Chapter 10

“Authorities tell us that 75 % of the school-children are defective. This means that no less than fifteen million schoolchildren, out of 22,000,000 in the United States, are physically or mentally below par…We prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is absolutely prohibited to the feeble-minded.”

The Pivot of Civilization Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood founder), Brentano’s Press, NY, 1922, p. 263

Sanger: “Choice” Must be Relative to Class: The Pivot of Civilization, by Margaret Sanger

hitler-and-sangerMargaret Sanger would deeply influence America’s infamous  sterilization laws. Adolf Hitler, while in prison, was so influenced by the eugenics movement it would literally form the foundation for the Holocaust: the Final Solution as to the question of “race hygiene.”

3 out of 4 of these Healthy Girls Were Statistically Defective?

MVC-slime2 “Authorities tell us that 75 % of the school-children are defective. This means that no less than fifteen million schoolchildren, out of 22,000,000 in the United States, are physically or mentally below par.”The Pivot of Civilization, by Margaret Sanger. PDF version here .

A Long, Tragic History of Scientific Racism

negrobabyThe “Differences in Negro and White Fetuses”‘  The images below and above demonstrate the common consensus  that African-Americans met the criteria for for forced sterilization, as it is clearly argued that blacks are subhuman, or at the very least born “feeble-minded, “defective” or “mentally below par.”

Pre-DNA, Fake Charts for Fake Science, and GERM PLASM!
chromoBogus comparison of white chromosomes versus black chromosomes.
Catholics and Jews: Feeble-minded?

italian_immBecause Sanger’s fiercest opposition came from the Catholic church, belief in Catholicism was naturally targeted by Sanger as a sign of feeble-mindedness. The wrong race and religion were often the criteria for determining “feeble-mindedness”, Italian and Jewish immigrants were singled out by eugenicists and Congress in 1924’s Immigration and Insanity abstract.

The Irish: Feeble-minded AND Criminally Inclined?

crimegraphQuack science is never unwelcome when it comes to national legislation. Here, a bogus graph of criminality ratios amongst Irish-Americans, German-Americans, and British -Americans. Scoring highest in first degree murder and burglary/larceny is… you guessed it, the Irish-American.

On a final, and perhaps most significant and surprising note: Margaret Sanger opposed abortion as the “criminal” act of the “feeble-minded” and saw sterilization as a means of avoiding it.
Sanger’s Debunked “Germ Plasm” Theory Fueled Sterilization Efforts

Fig19Allen(NaziVia sterilization, the authorities cited and endorsed by Sanger were attempting to weed out an “irreversibly degenerate germ plasm” from the “unfit” in the human population. Here, a Nazi promotion of sterilization laws cites nations that had them enacted. Note the US flag, upper left.

Legislation Based on Quack Science

wpe07429A Virginia state order for involuntary sterilization. Sanger was instrumental to their enactment here. Click here to see the American criteria for “feeble-mindedness”

Free Juice Box for the Unconvinced

foolaidIf reading Sanger’s own book still doesn’t convince you that Planned Parenthood has been dishonest about their founder’s advocacy of forced sterilization and Nazi eugenics, email the impious digest . We will post your letter and send a free gift: one juice box and a diploma certifying your advancement to the Sangarian moron class, suitable for framing (one per family please).


A Monstrous Case of Projection

There is a special irony when it comes to Margaret Sanger. She wanted desperately to rid the world of “morons” but had she lived long enough, she would have seen for herself that she was an especially destructive and malicious moron herself. (Moron was the actual term they used back then, and it was ambiguous to mean anyone.)

She was wrong about eugenics, didn’t know anything about gene expression, was a virulent racist, and was responsible, more than anyone, for the explosion in what she herself called the “criminal” act of abortion to the point it became a fetal parts industry. Had she been around this long, she could objectively say, perhaps with horror, that “I inspired Hitler. Millions died because of me and what I stood for. Maybe I’m not all that. Maybe it is time I pause, and reflect. Maybe I’ll follow my own advice and suck a tail pipe.”

To be fair, when she wrote this book DNA had yet to be discovered, nor had epigenetics and Hitler’s death camps. The great minds of the day all saw eugenics as a real science, like we might see string theory today. Even though Sanger wanted to segregate “morons” for life it is unclear if she had the intention of gassing them. She was just obsessed with their sex lives and keeping them away from the cool kids like her.

The best minds of her day didn’t know what we know now, but what makes Sanger unusual is just how misanthropic she was. There was, in fact, a certain evil in what she stood for if you define evil as wishing great harm upon people whom have never harmed you or could, and dedicating your life to ensuring that harm comes. Apologists could look at it anyway they please, but her reward center was triggered with every race-based sterilization or internment of “undesirables,” because she got to see it in her day.

Today, when we talk about birth control it is universally accepted we are discussing the use of contraceptives or condoms. But that’s not the way it was in the beginning. In the beginning, birth control met serious opposition from secular and religious interests alike because back then, birth control meant forced sterilization of undesirables.

The American Birth Control League (which later became Planned Parenthood) focused exclusively on the forced sterilization of “defective” Americans or those who were “physically or mentally below par.”

Even if the definition of “feeble-minded” was ever clearly established, it was a heinous imposition on one of our most basic human rights: the right to have children and raise a family. A case can be made that Sanger herself was feeble-minded because she was lazy in her research and deliberately ignored valid scientific evidence contrary to her hypothesis that there was an IQ gene. That lazy research ended up killing a lot of people, and it still does. In comparison, most “feeble-minded” people are harmless and more of a threat to themselves more than anyone else. Royalty is a salient example of how ridiculous her argument is. There you have bloodlines that involve a lot of selective breeding and a quest for purity, but if she was right all geniuses and great leaders would have come from royalty.

The definition for “feeble-minded” was profoundly vague and though many of the sterilized Americans were retarded, mentally ill, “physically defective”, etc., the most common application of these laws was the sterilization of perfectly healthy minorities; particularly blacks, or simply the poor: e.g. whites who were judged on their poverty levels and that of the generations before them. What Sanger wanted to create was a “race of thoroughbreds” that was literally the basic impetus for Hitler’s implementation of a “master race.”

An inherent misanthropy will always bind extremists in the far left and far right. The former may place animal rights above human rights, and the latter may feel obliged to select which color human deserves rights, and which doesn’t. It cannot be stressed enough that extremism often dons a progressive mask. Since the name of the game is deception, what is often perceived as progressive and liberal often has origins in the exact opposite ideology. Let us discuss this one example…

Margaret Sanger, an “enlightened, liberated and progressive” founder of Planned Parenthood, did not like “entitlements” or philanthropy. She saw both religious and corporate charity as a vice, an obstacle to civilization. In fact, she devoted a whole chapter to “The Cruelty of Charity.” This, in and of itself, makes her a strange icon for the far left’s “progressive liberals” and upon reading her work, you’ll realize there is nothing in it to suggest she was a woman of compassion, empathy or deep intellect. In fact, she makes Ann Coulter sound like Martin Luther King, Jr. Let’s have Sanger explain this grave “threat” of compassion and charity herself, because you likely wouldn’t believe it otherwise.

Planned Parenthood was known as the American Birth Control League until 1942. (Backlash against the eugenics movement which the ABCL espoused, and its ties to Nazis here and abroad compelled the name change.) That said, now for some little known facts regarding Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and her stated aims from its conception…

Excerpt: “The Occult History of the Third Reich.

Some notes on eugenics, its influence in mainstream “science” and its origins in England. Relative notes on eugenics begin around 33:50. In Germany, eugenics became known as “racial hygiene” and the “scientific” justification for the eradication of Jews.

The eugenics movement was a pseudo-science which advocated the forced sterilization of “feeble-minded” U.S. citizens in hopes of insuring racial purity; it was a doomed and tragic attempt to create what Sanger believed would be the aforementioned “race of thoroughbreds.” Eugenics as a “science” fell apart with the discovery of DNA and new insights on chromosomes and genetic mutation. But though the sterilization program which Sanger and supporters advocated most adversely affected poor whites and minorities, it was also aimed at all Americans of every color and creed who didn’t fit into an insanely narrow and scientifically invalid notion of who was fit to conceive. This was only 1 in 4 Americans, in Sanger’s most generous estimates.

“Confronted with these shocking truths about the menace of feeble-mindedness to the race, a menace acute because of the unceasing and unrestrained fertility of such defectives, we are apt to become the victims of a ‘wild panic for instant action.’ There is no occasion for hysterical, ill-considered action, specialists tell us. They direct our attention to another phase of the problem, that of the so-called ‘good feeble-minded. ‘We are informed that imbecility, in itself, is not synonymous with badness. If it is fostered in a ‘suitable environment, ‘it may express itself in terms of good citizenship and useful occupation. It may thus be transmuted into a docile, tractable, and peaceable element of the community. The moron and the feeble-minded, thus protected, so we are assured, may even marry some brighter member of the community, and thus lessen the chances of procreating another generation of imbeciles. We read further that some of our doctors believe that in our social scale, there is a place for the good feeble-minded.”

“In such a reckless and thoughtless differentiation between the ‘bad’ and the ‘good’ feeble-minded, we find new evidence of the conventional middle-class bias that also finds expression among some of the eugenicists. We do not object to feeble-mindedness simply because it leads to immorality and criminality; nor can we approve of it when it expresses itself in docility, submissiveness and obedience. We object because both are burdens and dangers to the intelligence of the community.”

Sanger Chap 4, Pivot of Civilization

“As a matter of fact,  there is sufficient evidence to lead us to believe that the so-called ‘borderline cases’ are a greater menace than the out-and-out ‘defective delinquents’ who can be supervised, controlled and prevented from procreating their kind.”

Sanger Pivot of Civilization, Chap 4

“Authorities tell us that 75% of the school-children are defective. This means that no less than

 fifteen million schoolchildren, out of 22,000,000 in the United States, are physically or mentally below par.”

Sanger, Pivot of Civilization Chap 3

“Eugenics seems to me to be valuable in its critical and diagnostic aspects, in emphasizing the danger of irresponsible and uncontrolled fertility of the ‘unfit’… establishing a progressive unbalance in human society and lowering the birth-rate among the ‘fit.'”

Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, Chap 4

eugenics-margaret-sangerThese American sterilization laws championed by Sanger soon became the model for Nazi eugenics legislation, “racial hygiene” (see inset). The appeals for segregation became models for Jim Crow laws in the deep south, and promulgated forced sterilization laws in over 30 US states . This pseudo-science sparked a powder-keg of legitimized dehumanization and ethnic persecution of blacks and immigrants at home. In Germany, eugenic legislation and Jewish persecution went hand in hand. A review of Hitler’s Nuremburg Laws (e.g. “The Law for the Protection of the Genetic Health of the German People”), provides a striking similarity to the eugenic agendas championed by the pseudo-intellectual elite in Sanger’s ABCL.

Not surprisingly, in April of 1933, Sanger’s Birth Control Review published an article by Dr. Ernst Rubin, who was Hitler’s director of genetic sterilization and a founder of the Nazi Society for Racial Hygiene. Via sterilization, the authorities cited by Sanger were attempting to weed out an “irreversibly degenerate germ plasm “from the “unfit” in the human population. Needless to say, the germ plasm never existed, it was just a theory; a theory that was dead wrong.

“The danger to the community of the unsegregated feeble-minded woman is more evident. Most dangerous are the middle and high grades living at large who, despite the fact that their defect is not easily recognizable, should nevertheless be prevented from procreation. In my view we should act without delay.”

Prof. Dr. Ernst Rudin, head of Nazi Germany’s eugenics program. “Eugenics Sterilization: An Urgent Need.”- Birth Control Review, Volume XVII, Number 4 (April 1933), pp.102-4.

Compare Dr. Rudin’s quote to this one from Sanger’s book:

“The emergency problem of segregation and sterilization must be faced immediately. Every feeble-minded girl or woman of the hereditary type, especially of the moron class, should be segregated during the reproductive period…we prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is absolutely prohibited to the feeble-minded.”

Sanger, The Pivot of Civilization, Chap 4

In Sanger’s day, the American Birth Control League helped expand existing Jim Crow laws by stamping them with the seal of “scientific” credibility. They also brought forced sterilizations. At the forefront of the American eugenics movement, above all others, was Margaret Sanger . What did Sanger really stand for? Read her book. See for yourself. Download The Pivot of Civilization.This the full Project Gutenburg e-book version of Sanger’s cross-eyed hymn to class and race segregation; a gutter-vision manifesto of hate and pseudo-science which Planned Parenthood had long suppressed via copyright and publishing rights lest Americans realize that in vitriol, racism, pedantry and hate it could undeviatingly compare to Mein Kampf.

For many years the book was almost impossible to find. That is, until it resurfaced in the public domain by 1990s. Be forewarned, Sanger is verbose and tedious reading, and if she wasn’t so jaw-droppingly stupid and pretentious, her book would at least be good for shits and giggles. Sanger has an annoying tendency to begin every other chapter with a sterling quotation, usually from a celebrated poet or writer, like Walt Whitman or William Blake… but then it all comes crashing do when she begins to write. It’s like watching her put decorative parsley or lemon wedges on a steaming plate of dog shit. An example, one chapter begins:

I saw a woman sleeping. In her sleep she dreamed Life stood before her, and held in each hand a gift; in the one Love, in the other Freedom. And she said to the woman, Choose! And the woman waited long: and she said, Freedom! And Life said, Thou has well chosen. If thou hadst said, ‘Love,’ I would have given thee that thou didst ask for; and I would have gone from thee, and returned to thee no more. Now, the day will come when I shall return. In that day I shall bear both gifts in one hand. I heard the woman laugh in her sleep.

Olive Schreiner

Nice. You can have love, but not always freedom. You can have freedom, and through it, it love. I was just digesting the thought when I read down again. Hereafter, Sanger’s fetid, hateful manifesto begins to run like explosive diarrhea. Witness a few paragraphs into this same chapter:

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