Public position is she supports you. What’s the private?


Try defending this position to a child, they’d call you on it. We’re not children. This admission makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the state media, for anyone to defend her positions.

Maybe you can recall some of these conversations when talking to your daughter:

“Mom, why did you tell your friend that you’ll be there for her when you just told me you’d never talk to her again?”

“Well, you need tell a little white lie from time to time.”

“But isn’t that hypocrisy? That’s a lie.”

It is at this point when a moral decision is made to acknowledge the hypocrisy and return to the friend you abandoned, to tell them the truth about how you feel, or to maintain the lie.

Clinton supporters can literally never know if “public and private” position favors them. You, the voter, are that friend that was abandoned. You are unaware of her “private” belief and position on your vital concerns, according to Clinton’s own words; because she doesn’t feel you need to know. Chew on that. See them at:




All Voters Deserve Respect, Whether You Vote for Hillary or Not. We Are All Americans.

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