Deep State War: You are not wasting time following Q Anon

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M-Intel Officer here.

You are not wasting time following Q.

There was one embedded string he stated that told us (i.e. those in particular places) he was 100% highly placed.

I, like most within intel, am confined to the data house that is assigned. We cannot peak outside nor have access. The mainframe is literally inaccessible unless there in person w/ special access.

This person is above Q-class and must be dose to the CC. The house I’m building falls in line with a key portion of the questions being asked here. This along with his one sentence that verifies his I DEN (something that nobody on the outside will ever know – highly classified) proves the information he’s providing. There are good people in high level places watching this. Godspeed to you all and thank you for helping to serve your country.

Anonymous (ID. X3KH1050 )  11/07/17 (Tue) 13:21 08 No 148433657 ►

From a friend to a friend you don’t need to worry at all. I don’t think people on this board fully appreciate or understand what is being provided here. It’s literally a circular flow diagram that can be printed out and cross checked against the news releases. As he openly states, disinformation is real and necessary.

If you’re in the Intel comm you’d appreciate that statement. He’s not going to disclose specifics about future operations/events because that would be violating the CC. Instead, and quite remarkably, he’s dropping questions that lead to answers that can be put into a diagram and understood once things become public.

For example, why did he emphasize Saudi Arabia so much right before the arrests and attack on SA occur?

Do you really believe all of that was simply a coincidence?

He masked it perfectly by leading outsiders to the conclusion that the US was the 1st target thereby not disclosing the true nature of the drop but yet validated himself by the pre-disclosure of that material ahead of the date. Think circular flow diagram mixed with disinformation via direction. Meaning he’s pointing over there but really the focus is here and only until you publicly obtain the news can you go back and understand that thereby not giving up the mission/operation.

To put it another way, a lot of us here have printed it out and marked it up with several marker colors and amazed by what we’re seeing. As Patriots, ifs a day we’ve been longing to witness. We stand behind the President This will be my last post here


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