Deep State War: Quick Run Down



  • Insider anons are reporting that the Podestas have been selling children to Saudi Princes, those who have just been arrested / ousted from power. These princes control everything.
  • They are saying the pedo parts of this won’t get to the MSM without us, and are asking us to GO!!! Quoting Q- “SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO”.
  • Q Anon’s questions are connecting REAL dots that we have always known and have researched but have never linked it all together.
  • Everything PG [Podesta Group]. Vegas 911, Cabal is connected to SA [Saudi Arabia].
  • The Saudi Princes are huge donors to the CF [Clinton Foundation] et al and the CF has been using them for money laundering.
  • These Saudi’s are in the class above Soros. Soros is worth 10B, these Saudi princes together were worth 2T. Not even dose.
  • Q made it dear in his “four family” post that Soros was controlled by them. So Trump and Salman brought down corrupt members of the House of Saud (one of the four families). That cut the strings to HRC, but now she’s twisting in the wind. Soros is the pipeline, not the puppetmaster.
  • The corrupt Sauds were the puppet master.
  •  Trumps SA tweet was confirming that he’d trade Amaco on the NYSE, his part of the bargain for these Princes being ousted. He’s essentially saying hell protect the Saudi economy.
  •  Trumps first visit overseas was to Saudi. He made a deal that these Princes would be outed, so he can bring down the Cabal in exchange for him protecting the Saudi economy.
  •  The missile which hit Riyadh last night was a US one. Targeted EMP is being used to cut power to the princes compounds.
  • Saudi prince ousted earlier owns Mandalay Bay alongside Bill Gates. The Vegas shooting was part of this.
  •  Saudi Prince ousted is the second largest share holder of twitter and owns a larger share than @Jack
  •  The Saudi Princes have been protecting the cabal. They can’t any longer. The princes had to go first.
  • IMPORTANT – See my comments in the updates below for essential reading on the Saudi tweet from Trump earlier.
  •  Q signed a post with a puzzle leading to the initials DJT (will find the link – anyone have it?)
  • It appears that MegaAnon is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Follow from this post, and into the next thread where the feet’ photo shows feet on the WH Press Room carpet – — Appears that she’s posting as Sarah and Megs at the same time.
  • We have been chosen to support DJT and this historical time. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. Princes Go First — Podesta and Clinton Cabal Next

Whatever you’ve got, please post it!! The dots are being connected JUST NOW and /pol are calling for us PG Voaters to help as we know our subject. We need us all just now to do as much as we can. This is our time.

Recap of the past 10 days

  • North Korea nuclear site collapse
  • Manhattan truck of peace
  • Twitter Google & Facebook appear before congress 
  • US Stratcom commences global thunder
  • Twitter admits to censoring hashtags pertaining to DNC teaks
  • Brazile begins dishing the dirt on Clinton; says she feared for her life after Seth Rich found dead
  • Wikileaks DDOS
  • Soros fund manager Rubin arrested for sex trafficking
  • POTUS twitter was taken down
  • Mass Saudi arrests, recovering hundreds of billions (assets frozen)
  • Antifa demonstrations a massive failure
  • Saudi copter crash
  • Texas church shooting
  •  Paradise papers teak
  • Massive internet outages reported
  • Weinstein revealed to have used an agency consisting of Mossad agents to silence accusers
  • Spacey. Sheen accused
  • Unprecedented Skyking activity
  • Israeli cabal pushing for war leaked
  • Assange tweets about puppet controlling the hand
  • FBI raids dead body brokers
  • Senate nominee judge Roy Moore steps down due to pedo allegations
  • SA, other countries make urgent call for nationals to flee Lebanon
  • New batch of classified JFK documents released



This domino will come last

The others will fall because of SA and NK, you only have to watch now

We are safe

China is on board

The indictments are ready

The Titanic LEAKs of all time are coming

Nothing can stop this

Extractions are complete.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America

VQC +++out+++

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