Bush Handshake Refused By World Leaders Video

Poor Bush

Why the ostracism? Why was the Bush handshake refused? Was it because of what he had turned our nation into, a third world dictatorship heading a first world superpower? For example, that for which Chile’s Gen. Augusto Pinochet was finally facing trial for in 1998, war crimes like the systematic torture, murder, illegal detention, and forced disappearances of its own citizens had now become standard practice in the United States under Bush. Literally. Although it was pointed out he was looking for his marker on the stage and thus occupied, the leader in front of him, and the two behind him also paused to locate their markers, and everyone shook their hands.

Was it the global economic collapse spurred by America’s careless deregulation of banks, or the manipulation of oil prices to the point it broke the back of consumers and brought spending to a halt? Who knows?

Maybe the better question is what took them so long?