Why Kissinger Backed Hillary


Report: Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama “Offer”. The Nov. 25, 2008 headline should have surprised no one. Nor should the fact that Republican hawks are drooling at the prospect of having her as Secretary of State.     What is a wee bit surprising, though, in this comic tragedy is the fact that GOP figures once rightfully reviled by “progressive intellectuals'” for war crimes and corruption are now suddenly held up by them as heroes. How is it that their “progressive” and “informed” blogs and pundits have recently reported on Kissinger’s fawning over Hillary Clinton by treating Nixon’s Secretary of State not as a pariah, being that he has been subpoenaed abroad for war crimes, but as some sort of noble elder statesman? You know, I understand the need for party unity, and the need to keep Hillary’s bruised ego in check by throwing her a bone, but this is fucking ridiculous.

Herein, several key points will be addressed:

  • Why is Kissinger really endorsing Hillary? Is he paying back a huge favor?
  • Why is Kissinger treated like a diplomatic genius by the U.S. media when the world sees him as a war criminal, and he has even had to limit his travel abroad for fear of arrest?
  • Kissinger had his own “Mission Accomplished” moment and made a fool of himself and the Nobel Assembly. For those of you who point out Kissinger’s Nobel peace prize from 1973 as proof of his genius, prematurely awarded for ending the Vietnam War, why doesn’t the U.S. media ever note that the man he shared it with, Vietnamese negotiator, Le Duc Tho, declined it because the war didn’t end in 1973 and was still raging, and would not end until April 30, 1975? Tho was the ONLY man ever to decline a Nobel peace prize.
  • Why is Hillary treated like a diplomatic genius when her experience thus far includes a phony account of heroic diplomacy under sniper fire, contradicted by news footage of a safe landing in Tuzla?
  • Why is Hillary treated like a diplomatic genius when she publicly stated she would be willing to use nukes if an ally, which already has a nuclear deterrent, was attacked? For example, if Iran attacked Israel, and we attacked Iran with nukes, did she ever stop to think the nearest target, our ally, would be the first casualty if Iranians panicked and attacked pre-emptively? And why wouldn’t they? Due to its unique population density, one nuke could completely wipe out Israel, a country which has a total population of just over 7,282,000. This is less than the city of Los Angeles, in a land mass smaller than the state of New Jersey. If they attack the United States, casualties would be heavy but the chances of complete obliteration are nil. Not so with Israel: it would be annihilated.


Why would Henry Kissinger endorse Hillary? was it because she was the only candidate for the job who made diplomacy under sniper fire a testament to girl power? oh wait. There was no sniper fire! and there was no blow to the feminist movement that once looked up to her! So I don’t understand why she would be offered the position. Maybe her blunders make her uniquely qualified for the job. Or maybe Obama wants her inside the tent, pissing out, rather than outside the tent, pissing in.

Thus, this gilded sack of shit Kissinger and anyone he blesses IS NOT CHANGE. Chump change, maybe…

Chistopher Hitchens, among many others, has accused former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger of war crimes for his involvement in covert operations, coups, and armed conflict in states across the globe. Despite widespread knowledge of the details of his guilt, some garnered from recently declassified CIA documents, Kissinger continues to be an admired public figure whose presence and commentary is much sought after by mainstream media.”

Source: Global Policy Forum. Also see National Security Archives for newly declassified documents supporting the charges.

The aforementioned news blogs have, time and time again, reported on the human rights abuses perpetrated by Kissinger, and now all that disappears because the Clinton camp sent out a press release bragging about Kissinger’s blessing? Seriously, what kept these editors from printing out the press release, rolling it up nice and tight, and shoving it into the ass of whomever sent it? Any self-respecting progressive news blog would consider it, along with officially demoting Clinton press releases to SPAM status along with the rest of the bullshit infesting their inboxes: Nigerian 419 bank frauds, penis enlargement scams, and e-coupons with dubious testimonials of women lauding the latest craze in high end cosmetics: Hillary Clinton’s Cankle Prevention Cream, or her patented new cure.

The Trials of Henry Kissinger

Not exactly honored abroad, a look at a man whose war crime charges have kept him from traveling abroad for fear of arrest.

Consider this headline from the National Security Archive:

The Kissinger State Department Telcons


It seems that Henry Kissinger, a former Secretary of State under disgraced President Richard Nixon, thinks Hillary Clinton would be a great Secretary of State herself. But Kissinger isn’t exactly the kind of man you want backing you up, and there is insurmountable evidence this man has the blood of thousands on his hands, and is in fact, afraid to travel abroad for fear of facing trial for war crimes and the coups surrounding them (see documentary video in inset). Nixon faced impeachment, but he resigned before it could take place. This was the administration that spawned Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld and first brought them to national prominence. With these men again in position of power under Bush with much the same results or far worse, the Nixon administration brought us the foundation of the domestic spying we have today, e.g. the practice of planting agitator operatives among peaceful war protesters to prompt suppressive police actions This is the same crew which brought us Kent State, in which the National Guard fired upon and killed American students protesting the secret bombing of Cambodia. It was a time when peaceful protests against our president meant troops could fire upon you, so we were not so far removed from Argentina, Timor, Mexico, and Chile. This is especially so because at that very time, Kissinger was arguing for such suppressive measures abroad; when he dismissed human right diplomacy in favor of the suppressive and criminal actions that would eventually lead him to be reviled around the world, but curiously not here. Here, most of the media drank the Kissinger Kool-Aid, and still does. To them, the Jim Jones of international diplomacy offers an intoxicating drink of myth and fantasy where his touch brought America universal respect and opened every foreign door hitherto sealed. But as far as careers are concerned, the drink is fatal. Kissinger will be remembered as a war criminal if not incarcerated before his death, and those who followed him blindly will face the ostracism and scorn that comes with any form of political support and connection to the man.

Hillary the War Hero

But why embrace Hillary? was it because she was the only candidate for the job who made diplomacy under sniper fire a testament to girl power? oh wait. There was no sniper fire! she made the whole thing up! and there was no blow to the feminist movement that once looked up to her! So I don’t understand why Obama would ever offer the position. Maybe this blunder makes her uniquely qualified for the job. If so, let me tell you about my peace mission in Lebanon, when I gave a suicide bomber “hug therapy” in a crowded restaurant, and he exploded in my arms. We were the only casualties, and when doctors found all 3,765 pieces of me and stitched me back together, I told them to work on stitching up the bomber first, because his injuries were more severe. Well, I would have told them that, if my tongue had been attached at the time, and not dangling from a tree limb two miles away. Little did I know this modest act of selflessness would bear fruit. The Queen of Shaved Vaginaland heard about what I did, and outlawed war on earth for 1,000,000 years. This global peace we are enjoying now, which has made armaments and armies obsolete, I dare say I can take a wee bit of credit for it.

“Hillary Wasn’t Lying”

Barely Political’s Hillary under sniper fire parody. Click here for alternate stream.

There ya go, a self-serving, bullshit story of personal heroism even Hillary might find unacceptable. So hire me as Secretary of State on those grounds. Clearly, I have met the prerequisites and standards set by choosing Hillary over a more qualified biped. Let me stress this point, because it highlights the mentality of a woman that will be the diplomatic face of America. The world will never forget Hillary’s claims to have gone on some sort of peace keeping mission in Bosnia; only to be contradicted by news footage of a safe landing at the airport, so safe in fact, she had a chance to mingle, shake hands, and listen to a poem read by a little girl that upon hearing Hillary’s bogus account of the event, lost all respect for her. We don’t need a Secretary of State whose word is meaningless or insulting. We’ve had eight years of diplomacy critically hampered by the inability of other nations to trust us. We have had people in this powerful position with no respect for the intelligence of foreign leaders. Why won’t the world forget? because the farce was hilarious as it was sad. Here we had a major candidate for the American presidency caught in a ridiculous lie by the world media; in the equivalent of a soldier lying about medals of valor he never earned, and then being exposed. There have been instances where elected officials with phony medals were caught, and they immediately resigned. Some even committed suicide. (No, I’m not suggesting this in Hillary’s case or anyone’s.) The point is, anyone with the least bit of dignity would be a recluse after pulling a Hillary like that. Do you think Obama, McCain, Biden, or Edwards would be able to face a camera if they faked a heroic action and mission? Hillary’s a woman, you say, wah wah wah. Cut her some slack. Well, I would, except for one thing: in the planet where she comes from no one ever found out about the heroism fraud, “change” is defined as a state where things forever stay the same, and true merit equals incompetence. But alas, the weak link for Hillary is… We’re on planet Earth. So who exactly is this so-called respectable Mr. Kissinger?

Like Hillary, Kissinger’s Genius is Quite Exaggerated

“I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.”

Henry Kissinger

Hillary Says She’d Use Nukes if an Ally With Nukes is Attacked. Seriously.

Another odd prerequisite for Secretary of State: Insanity. Can Israel, which has a nuclear deterrent, be compared to Poland?

Where was the genius? I hate to burst the bubble of any political science majors out there who thinks otherwise, but diplomatic ruthlessness does not equal diplomatic genius. Any idiot can be a “bad cop” and diplomatically ruthless. In diplomacy, ruthlessness is like fixing a broken watch by pounding it with a claw hammer. True genius is using surgical precision, and choosing the right tools when lesser minds demand some show of self-defeating “symbolic force” instead. You don’t go around saying you’ll use nukes if Israel is attacked by Iran, for instance. Only a fucktard would dare say such… Uh oh. Wait a minute. I think that actually happened. Who was it that said that? Why, none other than Hillary Clinton around the time Snipergate was barely dying down, and she apparently needed a new and more exciting way to embarrass herself. I want you to soak that in, and think hard about that. Israel is not the United States. Israel has nukes of its own. If we attack, or even threaten to attack with nukes, it gives an enemy nation an incentive for a pre-emptive strike. And guess which nation and ally, due to its proximity, would get that pre-emptive strike? See, this is the kind of thing you get when you surround yourself with yes men, and yes women. Isn’t there anyone in her camp with enough balls to just say “Hillary, I love you and all, and I know you mean well… but BITCH! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?”

Why are Hillary’s glaring disqualifications chalked under “diplomatic experience”?

Hmmm. Let me take a wild guess: it’s because she is a woman, and clearly, finding a more qualified woman threatens to shatter the carefully crafted illusion of gender incompetence that ultimately, will keep women from achieving their full potential, if it is obvious merit counts for nothing, and they’re only there to fill a vagina quota. Besides, Secretary of State is a job for women, isn’t it? Men just don’t have what it takes to get the job done. This job is just too damned important to risk with some Utopian, unrealistic notion of merit placement when we have something that always does the job: post-election quid pro quo.

Why is Kissinger really endorsing Hillary? Is he paying back a huge favor?

In 1998, Chile’s Gen. Augusto Pinochet was arrested in London, on October 17 of that year. Pinochet was finally facing trial for war crimes; i.e. the systematic torture, murder, illegal detention, and forced disappearances of Chilean and Spanish citizens. Soon afterwards, during a trip to Paris, Kissinger was slapped with a subpoena by a French judge regarding his key role in the Pinochet case. In 1999, President Clinton was pressed by human rights groups to release Kissinger’s secret documents regarding Pinochet’s CIA/military coup of democratically elected president Salvador Allende on, of all dates, September 11, 1973. President Bill Clinton resisted any substantial disclosure to protect Kissinger, and wouldn’t you know it, Clinton made a huge fan of Kissinger. Is it any surprise he’s risking what’s left of his tattered reputation by peddling Hillary’s credentials like a Ronco salesman to anyone who will still listen to him? what’s next? Kissinger in a lonely cubicle with a headset, on a late-night infomercial, pleading his case?

“Obama, act now! operators are standing by! For only $19.99 we’ll throw in her soul, a free set of steak knives, and free delivery; but only if you act now and call within the next 5 minutes! Choose Hillary for Secretary of State, and make sure to tell them Henry sent you!”

Where was the Kissinger genius? he knew the Vietnam war could not be won, and he admitted as much, yet he convinced Nixon to expand the war to Cambodia rather than seek “an honorable and just peace” as had been promised.

The Best of Kissinger, Vol. 1: Kissinger Diplomacy and the U.S. Secret Bombing of Cambodia

From 1969 to 1973, during the Vietnam War, the United States secretly bombed Cambodia in a doomed attempt to destroy Vietnamese Communist strongholds. They succeeded only in prolonging the war and adding hundreds of thousands of Cambodian civilian deaths to the Vietnam death toll. It has been pointed out, and quite credibly so, that over half of the 58,249 dead American soldiers on the Vietnam Memorial were the direct result of Kissinger’s sabotage of the Paris peace talks in 1968, when he tacitly informed Nixon that the peace talks were near a successful end and they were “breaking out the champagne.” Nixon told Kissinger to stall the South Vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu until after the ’68 election, as the impended success had boosted the popularity of Democratic presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey. As a result of Kissinger using false pretenses to convince Thieu to stall, the Paris peace talks fell through. Nixon got his wish: the failed peace talks hurt Humphrey and Nixon won by a razor thin margin of less than one percent. Nixon got 43.4% to Humphrey’s 42.7%. As a result, a war that could have ended in 1968 lasted until 1975, and Henry Kissinger was directly responsible the moment he told Nixon about the threat that peace posed to his presidential aspirations. In the top picture, U.S. soldiers survey the Cambodian town of Snuŏl after it has been almost completely flattened by U.S. bombers.Express Newspapers/Archive Photos

The Best of Kissinger, Vol. 2: He Directly Prolonged a War that Could have Ended in ’68 It has been pointed out, and quite credibly so, that over half of the 58,249 dead American soldiers on the Vietnam Memorial were the direct result of Kissinger’s sabotage of the Paris peace talks in 1968.

Bombing Cambodia was an act of war that required the approval of congress, but Kissinger’s so-called “genius” was to secretly pull it off. That would be like secretly bombing Iran or Pakistan today, without any congressional approval, and without any plans for the inevitable consequences: an unspeakable blood bath and expansion of an endless war that has already depleted our treasury, killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, and killed and maimed over 30,000 of our troops in a war fought over false pretenses. When the press grew suspicious of Kissinger’s role in the bombing of Cambodia, they were secretly wiretapped.

Kissinger had his own “Mission Accomplished” moment

Curiously, a Nobel peace prize was awarded to two people in 1973 for ending the war in Vietnam, but only one accepted: Kissinger. The Vietnamese negotiator who shared the award, Le Duc Tho , declined the prize. Tho still had a shred of decency, and his reason for declining was simple: the war had not ended at all, and was being awarded on the outright lie that it had. The Vietnam war did not end until 1975. So talk about “Mission Accomplished”! This was like Norway’s myopic Oslo apron boys in the awards committee giving George W. Bush the Nobel peace prize for ending the Iraq war still raging today. (Don’t put it past them, as Bush was nominated for the peace prize not long ago. I guess they found some obscure, genocidal warlord with even less scruples than Bush to share a peace prize once awarded to Martin Luther King, Jr.) If you want to find out more about this Kissinger douche bag on your own, Google the key words Kissinger war crimes and see how many pages you get. Also, use the keywords Kissinger Timor Chile Argentina when searching the National Security Archives. You will be surprised.