Podesta UFO Talk Part of “FIRESIGN” Staged Crisis


Editor’s Note: This was initially published several weeks before Trump’s election win in 2016. At the time, virtually all of the media and polls pointed to a landslide victory for Hillary. All of the polling, except that which matters most, internal polling. The accuracy of the polling herein is palpable as results poured in November 8. In this polling, contrary to the mainstream media, it was Trump who was headed for an electoral landslide victory.

October 22, 2016

Secret Internal Polling Suggests Campaign “Metastasized” and Needs Emergency Salvage Operation for Hillary Installment

[pullquote]Duncan professes with shame that he worked on “Voice of God” weapons [FIRESIGN] for the US Department of Defense, weapons which can make people think they are hearing voices in their heads in an attempt to control them.[/pullquote]Seems odd Hillary would be talking about UFOs during this election.

It’s like she knew something special about UFOs, and it seems she did. She knew how a UFO invasion could make her president. Sound tin foil? it isn’t.

In the event the Clinton campaign was headed for catastrophic failure,  the following “salvage programs were drawn up in a report that allegedly comes from Benenson Strategy Group and the Clinton Foundation (see below).

John Podesta encourages UFO speculation, attention. A precursor?
John Podesta encourages UFO speculation, attention. A precursor to FIRESIGN?

The Zika virus was patented in 1947. It is owned by the Rockefellers. BLRiot refers to Soros funded, staged Black Lives Matter riots.
Zika virus.
Zika virus.

One option, in the “non-recommended” choices, involved the Zika virus…

Zipocalypse: Improved strains of ZIKV have been delivered and we have disseminated them to operatives. Unfortunately this will suppress women voters more than men (even as ZIKV2 is lethal in adults). This would hurt Hillary Clinton and Trump voters are willing to risk lethal pathogens to vote

Another option, in the “non-recommended” options was to stage a massive BLives Riot, which we can safely assume is a Black Lives Matter riot. George Soros, Clinton’s backer, has given this group millions of dollars, and she will meet with them this Sunday October 23, 2016. The key risks to this approach were the following:

“Again, while staged civil unrest could prevent pockets of America from voting, the damage is too wide-spread. Command and control is dicey at this point as substantial numbers of employed minorities have defected to Trump.”

Staged Civil Unrest, Part I: Clinton Team Pays the Mentally Ill to Provoke Violence in Trump Rallies

Staged Civil Unrest, Part II: Staging a Religious “Awe” Effect



Recommended Salvage: FIRESIGN

For almost two decades the Department of Defense and NASA have coordinated on a black book project under the codename FIRESIGN. FIRESIGN’s aim is to create a religious “awe effect” in enemy populations to create an instantaneous psychological soft-kill (abject submission). The operation uses high powered lasers to project real seeming images on the sodium layer 100 km above the surface. These images can cover hundreds or even thousands of square miles and can appear completely real, three dimensional, and can move. These visual cues are augmented with pulsed ELF electromagnetic emissions (see: PROJECT SANGUINE) that attack the specific areas of the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during religious experience. In limited tests, subjects have been able to be overwhelmed on both axis of vastness (an overwhelming of the subject’s frame of reference) and a powerful need for accommodation. The mix of these two will produce inaction, lack of focus on self or individual interaction, and gross transformations in mental equilibrium (a Road-to-Damascus Experience).


So the “safe” alternative to “subjugate” voters was a massive operation code named FIRESIGN, a staged alien invasion using ELF electromagnetic emissions for a “soft kill.” They could, using lasers aimed at the sodium layer 100 km above the surface to create holograms of a UFO invasion projected over about 23% of America. Obama can then halt the “invasion” and hand over the torch to Clinton.

“The ability to produce these effects across 23% of the continental United States is the objective of FIRESIGN and field tests in the Levant [with ISIS?] have proven successful. The FIRESIGN scenario is that of an invading extraterrestrial force of nearly incomprehensible scale (massive floating cities descending, god-sized “walkers” among the clouds with terrifying weapons, wheels of fire and eyes, etc.). This phenomena, when activated will bring electoral and social systems to a halt and, in afflicted areas, will permit a narrative wherein POTUS is able to “Call a halt” to the invasion and then “hand over the torch” to Clinton, providing a basic continuity of state.

“The aftermath of FIRESIGN will be the psychological subjugation of areas where uprisings are most likely to occur. The induced trauma of FIRESIGN will provide ample cover to government and NGOs who will be “providing aid” (psychotropic to induce docility) and counseling services which will ensure further domestication.”

Here’s why such an extreme is threatening to play out, despite the controlled state media propaganda apparatus saying Hillary is headed for a landslide win…

Interviews with 2,021 adult Americans conducted by telephone by BSG on October 10-13, 2016. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 2 percentage points. The sample uses a LVS based on voting history (65%), self-attestation (12%), social-media data mining (10%), demographic / socio-economic class (18%). This sample includes 1101 interviews among landline respondents and 920 interviews among cell phone respondents.


Executive Overview: Hillary Clinton Flash-Crash to 12% Favorable, Losing 19-77% Nationally

At this point Donald Trump has both momentum and enthusiasm.

Distrust in the mainstream media is blunting the impact of the collective polling narrative. As Election Day approaches, Hillary Clinton’s favorable ratings have crashed to historic lows (12%) in nonpartisans and Donald Trump is consolidating support (97% of LV Republican-identifying respondents are either enthusiastic or very enthusiastic about voting for Trump). Among independents, Hillary voters who are exposed to any alternative media (73%) are aware of the WikiLeaks emails and find them either disturbing (54%) or deeply disturbing (18%). Among liberal-identifying whites, support is shifting from Hillary (-27 since October 1 st) to Donald Trump (78%) or Jill Stein (21%).

For voters who solely consume mainstream media only 28% are aware of the WikiLeaks emails and of those, only 8% are aware of the content. For these voters Clinton leads Trump by +8. Minority voters are less likely to consume alternative media (only 14%) and are less likely to be aware of the email leak (only 18% for males, 9% for females). Even with this group, enthusiasm is down 63 points compared to October 2008. On other fronts, the counter-narrative is failing as well. Most heavy consumers of social media understand that the allegations against Donald Trump of sexual misconduct have largely been debunked (77%).

We understand that communications strategies in that space have been unable to reduce the impact of this messaging. Worse, among white males in telephone polling 93% of them either approve (72%) or strongly approve (21%) of Donald Trump’s hot-mic tape. Only 39% of women approve of them however a majority (64%) say they ‘understand that confident men talk that way.’ In effect, these allegations have been diffused.

On a positive note, most respondents who were liberal-leaning (83%) or Independent (59%) were unaware of the messaging front concerning Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct. While the vast majority (88%) were aware of consensual extra-marital relationships, the mainstream media approach to the stories has left only 8% of liberal-leaning voters and only 19% of independents aware of the allegations of rape.

On a disturbing note, some 70% of Republican-leaning voters are aware bussed-in voting, false-face operations, and dead-man’s-party registration drives. This may necessitate severe strategy changes for November.


I. The Damage Has Metastasized. Hillary is widely considered sick, untrustworthy, and most Hillary-leaning Democrats would vote to replace her.

II.Trump Voters are Virtually Unstoppable. Where 11% of Hard Clinton supporters could be dissuaded from voting by a strong storm and 17% would balk at a 90 minute wait, Trump’s strong support only diminishes in the events of catastrophic attacks on America. Some demographics (blue-collar white men between the ages of 30 and 64) were more likely to say they would vote in the event of an active riot standing between them and the ballot. No Clinton supporters made it past the Q20 screening question while 74% of Trump voters moved to question 21.

III. The Public Has Lost Faith In Polling. Poll-driven narratives have been pushed too far, alienating most of the voting population. The use of polls as a psychological weapon has also been noticed (especially on social media). As the poll-gap narrative becomes ever more extreme, obvious visible evidence (rally-size, yard-signs, bumper-stickers, memes / social-media posts) becomes more and more obviously contradictory. Attempts at shaming outspoken poll-deniers such as Bill Mitchell on Twitter have failed in 2016 where they succeeded (Dean Chambers) in 2012. We are in uncharted territory. Even hooks into non-philosophically compromised pro-Republican polling outfits such as FOX, Rasmussen, and Gravis have not produced substantial results .

Hillary’s Internal Polling – 12% Favorable, Losing 19%-77% Nationally, Campaign Salvage Operation (PDF)

You need only to compare the rally size and enthusiasm of Clinton voters as opposed to Trump rallies to realize internal polling reflects what’s actually on the ground, and by a much wider margin than imagined. Secret internal polling has her favorability rating at 12%, which is why she makes little appearances and has surrogates speak for her. Even Joe Biden and Oprah Winfrey are saying openly that you “don’t have to like her” to vote for her. In and of itself, this is another way of saying she can’t be elected, only installed.

Colin Powell describes Hillary Clinton’s popularity problem. He correctly predicted that she would pummel his legacy.

In truth, as the polls herein attest, you actually do have to like her, and like her a lot. Elections are popularity contests, and they always were, always will be.

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The video below features a keynote by Dr. Robert Duncan regarding what can only be described as our coming hive mind control grid. He isn’t just talking about advances in transhumanism, the singularity, or artificial intelligence. He’s talking about how to control the minds of everyone on the planet and evolving humanity in a technological sense… whether they like it or not.

Duncan professes with shame that he worked on “Voice of God” weapons for the US Department of Defense, weapons which can make people think they are hearing voices in their heads in an attempt to control them. He says such weapons were tested back during Desert Storm and were quite effective at getting Iraqi soldiers to lay down arms without a shot fired.

And that’s just what they had 20+ years ago. Can you imagine what they’re working on today?

Duncan also touches on Project Blue Beam, remote neural monitoring, smart dust, and electronic telepathy technology which uses extremely low frequency waves.

Despite attempting multiple times to put a “positive spin” on this information as he nervously delivers it, what this man is saying really can’t be spun in a positive way, not with these kinds of technology in the hands of the military-industrial complex President Eisenhower once gravely warned us about. Duncan notes scientists “are brainwashed into believing that everything we are doing is of benefit to mankind, but look who pays our bills? The military. It’s all for war, it’s all for control, for government control…”

If even 20% of what this guy has to say is true…

Just… you’ve got to see this for yourself.

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