When Cyanide Gas Attacks aren’t Terrorism

Why isn’t the Klan deemed a terrorist organization? why do some media elements, such as CNN’s Lou Dobbs , actually refer to known Klan fronts such as the Minutemen, including their militia units, as patriots, if not to wittingly legitimize a domestic terrorist organization allied with foreign terrorist groups ? Months earlier, the Dallas FBI also broke up a terror plot by members of the Ku Klux Klan to blow up a Wise County power plant. Former Dallas FBI Special Agent in Charge Danny Coulson was involved in the nation’s first stand-offs with domestic anti-government groups and mounted some of the first intensive domestic terror investigations. He cautioned that authorities should take care not to forget about domestic groups while concentrating on foreign ones.” It was a caution that has fallen on deaf ears.



Al-Qaida’s 2003 Cyanide Gas Plot : Terrorism

“News of the 2003 plot to use homemade cyanide bombs, the details of which have been confirmed by the New York Daily News, was first revealed Friday in excerpts from Suskind’s book ‘The One Percent Doctrine.’ The plot, purportedly masterminded by al-Qaida’s ringleader in Saudi Arabia, Yusuf al-Ayeri, involved planting crude but effective cyanide canisters around the subway system before the start of the Iraq war.”

The Kloran.

The Ku Klux Klan, influenced by the Scottish Rite , call their handbook the Kloran, an obvious reference to the Islamic Koran. The Klan burns the cross, despite its so-called Christianity, and also appeals to terror ; another parallel to the anti-Christian Islamic fanatic.

Like their Jew-Hating Western Kin, Hamas Dons the White Robe and Hood

Palestinian Hamas suicide bombers, prepare for the catwalk. Are these terrorists taking a fashion cue from their terrorist kin in the west? Below, Klansmen leaving rally at a courthouse in Jasper, Texas. It was held at the trial of John King, a Klansmen convicted in the dragging death of James Byrd. Here, residents show their approval.

The Oklahoma City Klan Leader who Rallied for Saddam

Dennis Mahon, Oklahoma City Klan Leader
Dennis Mahon, Oklahoma City Klan Leader

“[Dennis Mahon] boasts of his connections to Saddam Hussein’s intelligence service and admits to having been in its pay, beginning during the Persian Gulf War, when he organized several rallies for Iraq. During an interview with a Brazilian television crew, Mahon unrolled and proudly held up a poster of Yasir Arafat, reportedly one of his heroes.” The New American- OKC’s Middle East Connection on former Oklahoma City Klan leader Dennis Mahon, partially clad in militia gear.

The Middle-East Connection to Timothy McVeigh

The [motel] owner says McVeigh was with several Iraqis. He and several of his employees picked out their faces from a photo spread provided by Davis and KFOR-TV… One of the Iraqis, Hussain Alhussaini, later came forward and identified himself as the person being fingered in Davis’ reports as [the FBI’s] John Doe No. 2.” “Secrets of Timoty McVeigh” Jim Crogan LA Weekly News.

US Electrical Grid a Target for Both Al-Qaida and the Klan

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the northeastern blackout of 2003

Months before the Klan’s cyanide gas plot was unraveled, the Dallas FBI also broke up a terror plot by members of the Ku Klux Klan to blow up a Wise County power plant. Although Al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the blackout that knocked out the northeastern United States for several hours, and although it was later attributed to a “technical failure”, we do know the electrical grids were targeted throughout the US. And we do know that the Klan was among the groups doing it. We also know that during any crisis on the magnitude of the Northeastern Blackout of 2003, authorities will dream up cover stories to keep Americans from “panic”.

This leaves us to ask a simple question: when and if another major terrorist attack hit America, will the Klan once again escape scrutiny by media and political assets too blinded by xenophobia and hate to protect fellow Americans from an obvious fifth column in robes and hood?

After reports of the Klan’s terrorist activities surfaced in 2003, Klan leaders decided to use the “immigrant invasion” as a diversion, and were in fact, were instrumental in forming the first militia units to man the southern border. Elements of the far right sympathetic to the Klan, having always given them air time and publicity, soon warned Americans about the possibility of terrorists coming in from the south, but at the same time, had become ideologically allied to, and unwittingly working with, domestic terrorists in the US: The Invisible Empire, the Ku Klux Klan.

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