Sorcha Faal

US Socialists Silent As Trump-Russia Collusion Lie Implodes—True Cost Of Will Be Nuclear

During this past week, the two most dominant headlines in newspapers and news broadcasts the world over were US Air Force General John Hyten, the head of the US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), warning the US Senate Armed Services Committee that the United States is unable to down Russia’s advanced hypersonic nuclear armed missiles—and the nuclear armed nations of India and Pakistan being on the brink of a nuclear holocaust—neither of which the US mainstream media bothered to tell the American about with their, instead, choosing to display as their top story the Democrat Party’s desperate attempt to turn a convicted liar into a hero. […]

Sorcha Faal

Christmas War Of 2018 Gives Shocking New Meaning To “Silent Night”

According to this report, while the Western peoples are being continuously bombarded by distraction propaganda designed to keep them from knowing what their elite globalist leaders are doing, “the ugliest chapter since slavery” has engulfed and embroiled the entirety of Africa—that is home to more than 40 different nations and around 2,000 languages, and has approximately 30% of the Earth’s remaining mineral resources. […]

Sorcha Faal

US Media Goes Silent After Trump Declares National Emergency In Race To Destroy “Deep State” Before They Start World War III

As Russian-Chinese military forces continue their rehearsal for a nuclear World War III, a disturbing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today notes with growing alarm that the entire “Deep State” aligned US mainstream propaganda media went completely silent after President Donald Trump declared a National Emergency yesterday—most likely due to their knowing its main target is British Prime Minster Theresa May who is undergoing a coup initiated against her by Trump-loyalist Boris Johnson—and who, during the 2016 US presidential election, colluded with Hillary Clinton to defeat Trump. […]

Cloak and Dagger

Media Silent After US Courts Smash Clinton Coup Against Trump

In the US Federal Courts of the States of Alaska, California, Colorado and Washington complete smashing of Hillary Clinton’s attempt to overthrow President-elect Trump, as well as the State Supreme Court of Colorado, this report explains, these American jurists have laid bare the lie being spread by what is called the Hamilton Electors who say that the 538 members of the Electoral College are able to substitute their will over that of the over 100 million citizens of their country who voted for whom they wanted to be their next president. […]