Sorcha Faal

German-American Friendship “In Shreds” As Trump Prepares For European Socialist Destruction

The German media establishment announced earlier this morning that their nation’s friendship with America is now “in shreds”, states that this friendly relationship demise of the West’s two most economically powerful countries is due to “Monday being the most important day of Trump’s Presidency”—a truthful declaration made by one of his top advisors Steve Bannonwho who warned Trump “we’re in an economic war with China…it’s futile to compromise”—a warning Trump acted upon Monday after finally losing his patience with China when they returned a draft trade deal with strikeouts eliminating virtually all of the major concessions made during the past few weeks—but whose greatest significance of is Trump’s punishing new tariffs on China that “are a harbinger of what is coming for Europe”—and whose soon to be destroyed socialist leaders preparing for new EU-US trade talks now know that they “are doomed before they even start”. […]