Sorcha Faal

Trump Rewards Russian Oligarch For Stalling Lawsuit Alleging Special Counsel Robert Mueller And FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Stole $5 Million From Him

The US Treasury Department has extended the deadline for investors to divest holdings in the sanctioned Russiancompanies En+, GAZ Group, and Rusal from 5 August to 23 October, all of which are owned by multi-billionaire businessman Oleg Deripaska—and that was personally ordered to be done by President Trump after Deripaska agreed to withhold his filing a lawsuit against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe—both of whom Deripaska alleges colluded with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to steal $5 million him during a secret operation to return to the United States from Iran the captured CIA operative, and former FBI agent, Robert Levinson.   […]