Sorcha Faal

Russia Watches In Stunned Disbelief As America Dies By Suicide Of Fake News And Hate

On the day the citizens of the United States celebrate their country’s founding war document called “The Declaration Of Independence” that began the American Revolutionary War by which they gained their freedom from the monarchical ruled British Empire, a rather sadly worded new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Putin pointing out that though accusations of interfering in US affairs have been lifted from Russia, the unjust sanctions because of them have not, states that this 4th of July date sees both Putin and the entire Security Council membership watching in stunned disbelief as in just a few short years, the leftist “woke crusade” against “hate” in America has gone from demanding the removal of Confederate flags and monuments to targeting for destruction their nation’s Founding Father George Washington, their National Anthem and now even the American Flag—with one of the most shameful acts occurring yesterday when the city of Charlottesville-Virginia wiped from existence the celebration of the birth of American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson who wrote this declaration of war to free his nation’s citizens—all of which are being aided and supported by a leftist mainstream media, best exampled by CNN who finds itself in a death spiral being called “Suicide By Fake News and Hate”. […]