Sorcha Faal

Trump Issues “Declaration Of War” Warning After US-Mexico Drug Conflict Death Toll Soars Over 280,000   

Part of the “deconfliction protocols” established between Russia and the United States to lesson the likelihood of either nation misunderstanding the reasons behind massive troop deployments, the US Department of Defense (DoD) has informed the Office of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation that the “full scale exercise” between 20-24 August of US Army forces deployed at Camp Zama (Japan) is to test their readiness to deploy in support of the United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM)—and that was followed by President Donald Trump cryptically announcing that drugs flowing into the US from Mexico “is now a form of warfare”—a gross understatement as the US mainstream propaganda media hidden drug war between these two nations now has a two-year death toll exceeding over 280,000—with 2016 US drug deaths reported being 63,632, and 2017 ones soaring to a new record of over 72,000—but whose catastrophic numbers are exceeded by those in Mexico whose staggering dead and missing toll is now over 150,000 […]