Syrian Deputy Minister of Justice declares mass claims against militants

According to the Syrian Deputy Minister of Justice, Tahir Asmadi, the number of claims of Damascus citizens suffered from shelling and terrorist attacks has increased significantly over the past month due to the intensification of the terrorists who have increased the number of their attacks on the residential areas using mortars. The jihadists continue to commit terrorist attacks in Eastern Ghouta.

Locals decided to take their right to sue in case of huge damage in order to attract the attention of the world community. “The residents of the capital and the suburbs of Damascus give us information, and we are working to bring suits in the state courts and the international court,” head of the Syrian Human Rights Network, Ahmad Kazem, said.
Moreover, a special YouTube channel was established. “The Syrian Human Rights Network” began to publish interviews with victims of militants’ crimes.

The human rights activist explained that mass claims are being created to draw the attention of international community and the UN Security Council to what is currently happening in Damascus and its eastern suburbs.
“In this way, we are trying to bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of civilians, for the damage of our homes. Some media have stepped across a line publishing disinformation,” the human rights activist added.

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