Study the Body Language: Something Serious Afoot

In particular, study Victoria Nuland. In contradiction to the State Department, also note Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, who cryptically calls the consequences of not removing Syrian President Assad “quite grave.” It is unknown if the White House was  aware of the visit. All we know now is that it involved a US-Russian alliance in fighting ISIS.

In regards to all parties, this is a very serious meeting. This took place the day before Turkish President Recep Erdogan was almost toppled, or before he Reichstagged Turkey. Both scenarios are up in the air.

It is also important to note that Hillary has promised to go to war with Russia if elected, hence NATO calling cyber attacks grounds for world war against Russia.

July 14, Emergency Moscow Meeting

Victoria Nuland in submissive pose.
Kerry’s “we are at the edge of the abyss” look.
Putin “Yeah, you fucked up” look.


“Fucking Hillary. What have you done?”

NATO just gave the us the thumb’s up to go to war with Israel.

The worst part of declaring cyber attacks an act of war is the fact we were doing it first, and haven’t stopped. Even former CIA head Michael Hayden said hacking other countries should be expected from us, even if they are allies, and that they do the same to us, anyways.

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