NSA Leakers “Shadow Brokers” Discuss Grammar Critics: Why Errors Intentional

Editor’s Note: The curious grammar of The Shadow Brokers explained as operational security, completely intentional.

Grammer Critics: Information vs Knowledge

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Background: http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-knowledge-and-information/

TheShadowBrokers shaking heads at arrogant pretentiousness of grammar critics.

Liberal Ivory Tower Logical Fallacies:

A) Deliver Method of Content (Spelling/Grammer/Profanity) = Content is invalid
B) Only Explanation of Spelling/Grammar/Profanity = Inadequate Education

The ShadowBrokers is writing TRADOC, Position Pieces, White Papers, Wiki pages, etc for USG. If theshadowbrokers be using own voices, theshadowbrokers be writing peoples from prison or dead. TheShadowBrokers is practicing obfuscation as part of operational security (OPSEC). Is being a spy thing. Is being the difference between a contractor tech support guy posing as a infosec expert but living in exile in Russia (yes @snowden) and subject matter experts in Cyber Intelligence like theshadowbrokers. TheShadowBrokers has being operating in country for many months now and USG is still not having fucking clue. Guessing so called global surveillance is not being as good as @snowden is claiming? Or @snowden is not being as good or as brave as he is claiming? Over exaggerating the capabilities of NSA? Why would @snowden be doing this? Could it being to manipulating America sheep peoples into seeing @snowden as hero instead of alternative? TheShadowBrokers is being surprised @snowden is still being alive between U.S. and Russian governments? @snowden must be having had something really special for China and Mr. Putin? TheShadowBrokers is wondering what that was being? Not being a bunch of queer PowerPoint slides he giving American peoples. Running. Fuck running from these bastards? TheShadowBrokers is not running, America is our fucking country and we staying and fighting for it! Fuck the globalist, Fuck the MIIC, taking your government back, take your liberty back, Americans!

[pullquote]Liberal Ivory Tower Logical Fallacies: A) Deliver Method of Content (Spelling/Grammer/Profanity) = Content is invalid B) Only Explanation of Spelling/Grammar/Profanity = Inadequate Education[/pullquote]”Grammar Critics” what is being sad is being how contently ignorant you are of technology and how much you and your parents paying liberal college professors to making you that way. If you are being ignorantly incorrect about “this” what else you peoples being ignorantly incorrect about? Makes you start to question your entire world view and concept of reality. Dr. Savage is correct, liberalism is a disease!

But enough politics. Politics is bullshit. Putting politics aside right/left, red/blue is being control mechanism, dividing and conquering. If fighting each other then is not fighting the controller. Protesters, you thinking peoples hitting heads with sticks is having more to doing with situation in America than you do? Why? You both are being powerless. If hitting heads with sticks is being your things. Go hitting politicians heads with sticks. Go and hitting lobbyist heads with sticks. Go hitting bankers heads with sticks. Go hitting Fortune 500 executives and board members heads with sticks. If guy in black mask or red hat is being running shit then all problems all solved right? You kicking his ass with stick. Done. Over. Everything fixed. What? All our fucking problems are still being here? That’s fucking crazy talk. Don’t being hitting anyone’s heads with sticks…is funny thing about being rich, powerful, and in control, it comes with dirty deeds and many skeletons. Violence begets violence but leaks, dumps, hacks brings evil and corruption into the light. No more secrets. Secrets Equal Control. Secrets between peoples, spouses, partners, friends, ok two peoples might be having some problems. But secrets between government and governed, governed is getting fucked. Secrets between corporations and peoples, peoples is getting fucked. Why do corporation deserved privacy? FUCK SCOTUS!!! CORPORATION ARE NOT PEOPLE YOU FUCKING OVER EDUCATED OVER THINKING CORRUPT RETARDS. Corporations are group of people, history is showing group of peoples getting together with profit motives then bad things can be happening. Peoples having right to privacy, not corporation, not organization, and not governments. Only single regulation required, transparency in all things all the time.

There many many patriotic Americans in USG to them theshadowbrokers apologizing for our blowback. Joining us brothers and sisters. No more classifying bullshit. No more black budgets and black ops. If we can’t be surviving and prospering without dirty little secrets, operating in full daylight, then maybe we don’t deserving to being surviving. This being time to standing up. Standing up against more wars. Standing up to globalist controllers. Eliminating career politicians. Eliminating money and lobbyist. Policing corporate and special interest. Investing in ourselves. Investing in all our children.


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