Rothschild rule ends after 250 years; new era to begin

Rothschild rule ends after 250 years; new era to begin…new-era-to-begin/

The announcement on October 24, 2018 by Rothschild & Co that they are getting out of the trust business (i.e., managing other people’s money) is a major historical turning point that almost slipped by unnoticed.

It was in 1769 that Mayer Rothschild, the founder of the dynasty, first started to manage money for royalty. Now, seven generations later, his descendant Alexandre de Rothschild has been forced out of the business by multiple international criminal investigations that are zeroing in on this criminal family, Pentagon sources say. It means that for the first time in 249 years, the Western financial system is freeing itself from Rothschild financial control.

In particular, the arrest of Goldman Sachs bankers in the 1Malaysian Development scandal means that the Rothschilds’ involvement is about to be revealed, French investigators and other sources say.

This complicated scandal involves Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Saudi Royal Family, and many others, but the trail ultimately leads to the Rothschilds, the investigators say. It will also inevitably lead to the Malaysian Flight 370/17 mass murder and G20 nuclear blackmail incident, CIA sources say. That is why the Rothschilds are being forced to get out of the trust business, according to the investigators.

However, one CIA source with Rothschild connections downplays this development, saying “The left hand is selling to the right hand,” and pointing to this part of the press release:

“This acquisition is being led by Richard Martin, a senior executive of Rothschild & Co, with financial backing from an experienced investor.”

In other words, the French branch of the family, under severe attack, passed the business to either the Swiss or British branch of the family, he says.

Nonetheless, former CIA Operations Officer Robert David Steele says the Rothschilds have been forced out of the central banking business altogether, even though they asked to be allowed to keep a token 5%.

In fact, a very visible sign of the French Rothschilds’ fall from grace came with the arrest last week of Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn. Ghosn was officially arrested for tax reasons, but the real reason for his arrest was military, according to Pentagon and Asian secret society sources. Pentagon sources say the arrest of Ghosn is “a move to stop the Renault-Nissan merger, weaken [French President Emmanuel] Macron, and reduce Rothschild influence in Japan.”

Asian secret society sources, for their part, say more specifically that the French were trying take complete control of the Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi Alliance in order to steal Japanese and U.S. military secrets. Mitsubishi Motors, part of the Nissan/Renault automotive alliance, was formerly part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

MHI is Japan’s leading military manufacturer, and the U.S. Seventh Fleet commanders arranged Ghosn’s arrest and subsequent downfall in order to prevent the French from accessing its technology via Mitsubishi Motors, the Asian sources say.

Please remember that former Rothschild banker French slave President Emmanuel Macron recently called for a European army to defend Europe from “Russia, the U.S. and China.” Also remember that earlier this year U.S. President Donald Trump labeled the EU as the U.S.’s main “foe.”

This public fight between the EU and the U.S. government is a visible sign of the ongoing battle for world control, pitting the 13 royal bloodlines and their EU totalitarian state against the anti-bloodline Gnostic Illuminati who now control the U.S. military-industrial complex, Illuminati sources say.

Another visible sign of this conflict is the huge and violent anti-Macron rioting in France. Since three-quarters of the French population support the anti-Macron activities, you can be sure the pressure against this fraudulently elected president will only increase, especially now that his Rothschild bosses are losing power.

In any case, the attempt by the French to steal Japanese military secrets has also turned the Mitsubishi Group, the main backers of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, against Finance Minister Taro Aso, according to members of the Mitsubishi-owning Iwasaki clan.

Aso’s daughter is married to Alexandre de Rothschild and Aso has been selling Japanese water rights to Veolia, a company linked to his Rothschild son-in-law, Japanese right-wingers say. Now, with both Mitsubishi and the nationalists against him, Aso is a doomed man, the sources say.

The French Rothschilds were also intimately involved with the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass murder incident, according to British Rothschild family sources and Japanese right-wing sources.

Another doomed man is Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son, say Asian secret society sources. Exactly what the excuse will be to bring him down is not clear yet, but his involvement with Japanese election stealing and the murderous Saudi Crown Prince (or more accurately his puppet masters) means his time is running out.

Asian secret society sources, for their part, are saying the big changes in Japan will take place after May of next year when the new emperor formally takes the throne. The sources explain that the special seal or chop the Emperor possesses is needed to formally put these changes into motion. While the sources were vague about exactly what would happen, they made it clear that Asia is no longer going to let itself be artificially divided by Western intrigues. Thus it is a good guess that after Korean unification, Taiwan’s peaceful and friendly return to China is also in the works. Japanese and Chinese friendship will also most certainly blossom, the sources say.

The Asian secret society sources also fully endorsed the view that Western civilization is like a beautiful woman infected with syphilis. The syphilis, of course, refers to the Khazarian mafia. That is why they support the ongoing campaign to remove this infection from the Western body politic.

The 28-page report at the link below, exposing Special Counsel Robert Mueller and others, is a detailed example of the horrific crimes the Khazarian mafia have been getting away with.

This latest exposure is just a small part of the battle still raging in the U.S. and across the Western world. The battle remains fiercest in the U.S. with the ongoing purge of the FBI, the Justice Department, the CIA, the military-industrial complex, the political system, etc.

On that front, “the ‘stroking’ of former CIA and NSA boss General Mike Hayden may serve to silence anti-Trumpers in the military-intelligence community and induce others to resign or flip,” Pentagon sources say. Hayden was one of the operatives behind the Fukushima mass murder, Japanese military intelligence sources say.

The removal of satanists like Hayden will make it easier to clean out the U.S. court system as it gears up to handle the ongoing mass arrests, CIA sources say. If you don’t believe the arrests have started yet, you’re not connecting the dots. Take a look at this link, for example, to see how the Clinton crime family state of Arkansas is being cleaned up.

As the political and justice system is cleaned up, the good guys are gearing up next for a massive war against the “pharmacidical” industry, Pentagon sources say. On this front, “Big Pharma has drawn first blood with the fatal beating of Department of Health and Human Service drug pricing adviser Daniel Best, followed by Pfizer defiantly announcing it will raise prices in January 2019,” the sources say. “So,” they continue, “expect Trump and Congress to begin a whole-of-government approach to crush the drug cartel.” We recommend they start with raids on the American Medical Association before they destroy even more evidence than they already have.

Also, outside of the U.S., Interpol is still going to be used to take down the Khazarians worldwide, despite the fact that Russian Major General Alexander Prokopchuk was not, as we mistakenly reported last week, elected as its new head, the Pentagon sources say. “The Interpol election may have been rigged to favor a Korean to lower Russia’s profile and keep the cabal at bay,” they explain. But they add, “Newly elected head Kim Jong-yang will take orders from U.S. intelligence and work with Vice President Prokopchuk.”

The Russians are also finally making long overdue moves against the failed Nazi state in the Ukraine by seizing three Ukrainian warships over the weekend. This prompted Ukrainian President Petro “Porky” Poroshenko to declare martial law. This is what a CIA source had to say about Porky: “He has run out of time, just as Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu of Israel has run out of time; both are war criminals who will be brought to justice, one way or another.”

As the removal of the Khazarian mafia from world power continues, we can expect dominoes like Netanyahu, Macron, Porky, and Aso to topple and finally bring their Rothschild puppet masters to justice. Selling off their trust business is too little, too late for this crime family.

At the end of the day, the world will learn of their intimate involvement with World War II, the Holocaust, and many other horrific crimes against humanity.

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