On S

Sam was a small and sad sociopath and stalker with a substandard sexual segment. Sam sought-after a student, and shop owner, some slandered as a slut. She was Sheri Summerset, a somewhat socially shy, but sure of her stature, Sheri seldom showed seperfluous skin, shunning scooped shirts and short skirts. Sheri’s sprit set sail to sainted celestial shores, she showed substantial shame and was selective not salacious. Sam seemingly sought to subjugate Sheri, and showed small sense when selecting his setup. Sheri seeing Sam’s strange slippery slope of summation, sought security. Sleeping slightly she secreted scissors, to slice and stab this sicko. Sheri also stored a shotgun somewhere safe so should Sam seek to savage her, she should surlely shoot the son of a bitch. Sam seeking sex, started cystalking Sheri, surely showing himself as a slimy scumbag. Slowly it settled into something substantially sinister, such as showing up at her shop. Sometimes she sought shelter screaming for security. Seeing himself as superior, he sought to see her suffering. Slipping his screwdriver through a slit in her screen-door, Sam silently slipped into Sheri’s source of solace and serenity, her studio. Stupidly Sam, set off the silent alarm, signaling a security breach, and summoning, some school security services. Sheri, shocked out of her seclusion by Sam’s shameless sidlelining of her sanctity, she stretched out of her slinky sheets searching for her security systems. Sam surged up her stairs, sporting his screwdriver and showing his shlong. Seeing Sam’s seething sexuality, she selected to slip off the safety, and shoot several shots. Striking Sam’s center, severing several sinews asnd circulatory stuff. Sheri smiled as this sorry slob seeped scarlet Sangre on her side staircase. Sobbing over his selected stupidity Sam squealed a Shari shot a seventh slug in his sorry soul. Slowly slipping away he softly said sorry, as he had seen his last surise. Sheri said see ya stepping on his scrotum, shooting a single shot to silence his speech. Security services stopped by some six hours slower than supposed to. Said sorry scribbled something then screamed.