Nightmare Surrogate Lena Dunham Looks for New Candidate to Destroy by Association

[pullquote]LENA DUNHAM, WHO CAMPAIGNED FOR HILLARY FOR MONTHS, DOESN’T WANT TO BE BLAMED FOR HER LOSS[/pullquote]Bad Optics Dept. The proof is in the pudding. Try finding one person who switched to Hillary thanks to Lena Dunham, as opposed to switched against Hillary when presented with this idiot. Dunham’s crass virtue signaling and blanket accusations of voter ignorance, racism, sexism, xenophobia were actually toxic to Hillary. Nothing is more persuasive than a person who insults and belittles you before hearing you out, that is her theory. The problem for Dunham, though, is that we’re on planet Earth.

Consider this proof: Lena Dunham: Feminists Must Enlighten White Women Who Voted for Trump.

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