NBC News Bullshit

imagesA case in point: NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reporting on the extent of the flooding in Wayne, New Jersey. Alas, she is foiled in her endeavor to bullshit the nation when reporting from a canoe as two men walk through what was supposed to be water so deep you needed a canoe to traverse it. Then she dramatically announces the amount of damages from the flooding has reached the “tens of thousands of dollars,” which means one whole house got water damage, apparently.

To their credit, the Today Show hosts call her on it and ridicule the attempt to sensationalize the flooding. As she continues to exaggerate the extent of the damage one of the hosts finally gets sick of it and breaks her off:

“Actually, Michelle, I’ll take it from here. Is there some kind of drop off there… if we go back to these guys a second ago, these holy men walking on top of water– What’s going on there?”

Katie Couric also has some fun with her and asks if the oar is hitting the ground, and mocks in reference to the attempted hoax “the best laid plans of mice and men…”

“This is essentially now a part of the Passaic River,” she reports as she paddles across, seemingly oblivious to the fact she had just been exposed on national television as a total fraud.

Part of the Passaic River, huh? Eh, yeah. Right. Shut the fuck up.



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