Mutilated McCain Girl Halloween Tatts

Scare the living shit out of your neighbors with the ultimate Halloween Costume!

Based on the hoax heard ’round the world, i.e., the fake attack on Ashley Todd by an alleged 6’4″ black Obama supporter which was perpetrated by Todd herself. That’s right, go as the Mutilated Crazy McCain Girl with our high quality temporary tattoos! Tattoos guaranteed to affix backwards in a realistic likeness to make it obvious the mutilation was done in front of a mirror, and that you’re a complete moron.

Here are just a few words from our many, many satisfied customers.

“Just wet your cheek and eye area and the tattoos stay for hours. Looks like the real thing too! FOX news vans were at my door in minutes!”

Jane Smegma, Ohio housewife

“These costume tatts are like a gift that keep on giving all year long. My country music career was going nowhere until I learned how to harness the power of racial hysteria and right-wing human butt plugs.”

Joe The Plumber


“I shit my pants when I finished applying it in the mirror. Good thing I was in the bathroom! I looked just like that little peasant-shit American Ashley Todd!”

Queen Elizabeth III


“I’m still getting calls from Sean Hannity, begging for me to go on his show (and to have his baby).”

Gertrude P. Denda, Girl Scout

Comes in box of 12. For an extra $3, our deluxe package includes a real black eye, applied personally by one of our trained professionals.

To order, send a $5 check or money order to:

Mutilated McCain Girl Halloween Tatts
P.O. Box 7289 Happy Lane
Bowels of Hell, 6th Ring

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