Military Operation To Evacuate Trump Begins After Mueller Bombshell Explodes In Austrian Court

July 23, 2019

Military Operation To Evacuate Trump Begins After Mueller Bombshell Explodes In Austrian Court

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A fascinating new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the prescient coming clean of President Putin in his response to the “meddling” in the 2016 US Presidential Electionconfirming that it is “perfectly clear Ukrainian oligarchs gave money to Trump’s opponents”, states this entire sordid American affair took a much more ominous turn last week after everything that Special Counsel Robert Muellertried to do against Trump “exploded like a bombshell” in an Austrian courtroom—a courtroom where the extradition of Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash to the US was put on hold after it was shockingly revealed that the Obama Regime Justice Department had fabricated the charges against him—charges Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann offered to drop in their entirety if Firtash would lie under oath saying Trump was being financed by Russia—an illegal coup plot Firtash and his American attorneys outright told Weissmann they would in no way be a part of—and as this vast coup plot continues unraveling, putting numerous high-level American elites in grave danger of being charged with treason—now sees the United States Army moving quickly to protect President Trump in what is being described as an “emerging classified flight mission”—the full dimensions of which were displayed yesterday when at least 10 UH-60 Black Hawk heavily armed combat helicopters flooded the skies in and around Washington, D.C.—and whose obvious mission would be to evacuate Trump from the White House if his enemies launch an attack against him.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

US Army floods skies over Washington D.C. on 22 July 2019 with heavily armed combat helicopters in show of force to protect President Donald Trump

According to this report, MoFA intelligence analysts became concerned about what was occurring in the United States when the Ministry of Defense (MoD), on 4 February 2019, issued an alert bulletin stating that dozens of US Army heavily armed Black Hawk helicopters had suddenly descended upon Los Angeles to begin mock raids and evacuation of high-level targets—and upon the completion of this domestic war game exercise, then saw the US Armyrepositioning these combat helicopters, along with their pilots and elite commandos, to Joint Base Andrews located outside of Washington D.C. in Prince George’s County-Maryland—but whose true mission is secret enough to require a “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility” (SCIF) to be built at Davison Army Airfield at Fort Belvoir- Virginia20-miles from Washington D.C.—with SCIFs being the ultra-secure facilities that allow their occupants to handle classified material without concern for electronic eavesdropping or other interception.

US Army assembles elite secretive commando force at Davison Army Airfield (above) in Fort Belvoir-Virginia to rescue President Donald Trump if needed

As to why the US Army is preparing to protect President Trump, this report explains, is due to their fears of how Trump’s enemies will react once they fully comprehend that their coup plot against him has not only failed, US Attorney General William Barr is going to capture them all and prosecute them for their treasonous crimes—and as confirmed by Trump himself who vowed: “This should never happen to another president again”.

In a “rearguard action” bid to protect themselves from President Trump and Attorney General Barr, though, this report continues, a panicking and desperate mob of socialist Democrat Party leaders in the US Congress have scheduled to begin in a little over 24-hours from now a multiple-hour national telecast inquisition of Special Counsel Mueller—that these Democrats hope will “breath new life into the Russia hoax”—is further being said about will be a “big moment” that will “make or break the Democrats”—consists of two back-to-back US House committee hearings said to represent the Democrats’ most powerful weapon in a war for public perception over Russia that it has been “losing to Trump’s bruising PR campaign”—a “bruising PR campaign”, however, that’s actually based on truth and facts, and is why top experts are telling Trump he has nothing to fear from whatever Mueller says—has Trump himself predicting trouble for both Muller and the Democrats—with Attorney General Barr, a few hours ago, also, having his Justice Department order Mueller:

Any testimony must remain within the boundaries of your public report because matters within the scope of your investigation were covered by executive privilege, including information protected by law enforcement, deliberative process, attorney work product, and presidential communications privileges. 

With one of Special Counsel Mueller’s last show trials ending yesterday, and going to the jury today—an actual joke trial of General Michael Flynn’s former business partner Bijan Rafiekian whose attorneys in closing arguments told the jurors “essentially what the government is asking you to do is convict a man because the form he filled out was not the one the government likes”—this report notes—the astounding collapse of everything Mueller did in trying to overthrow President Trump has now become breathtaking in scope—the latest examples of this week alone including:

Mueller deputy prosecutor Andrew Weissmann fabricating evidence against Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash in failed attempt to get him to tell lies about Trump—and fabricated evidence that Weissmann knowingly then presented to an extradition court in Austria in a gross violation of US, international and Austrian law.

New video evidence emerging from November-2016 showing Fox News analyst Ellen Ratner confirming her 3-hour meeting with Wikileaks leader Julien Assange where he admitted a disaffected Democrat staffer gave him the emails Mueller claimed Russia stole—and is why Mueller NEVER interviewed Ratner.

New documents being released proving that the Obama Regime secretly paid CIA operative Stephan Halper over $1.05 million to illegally spy on the Trump campaign.

Disgraced and fired former FBI Director James Comey now coming under criminal investigation after Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz discovered he had deliberately misled President Trump—Horowitz further discovering that Comey conducted an illegal spying operation against TrumpHorowitz then discovering that Comey had illegally planted his own spy in the White House—whose name is Anthony Ferrante, and whom Comey illegally allowed to retain his clearances after he left his FBI position and went to work in the White House as his own personal covert agent.

Most terrifying for these coup plotters to contemplate as they watch everything Special Counsel Mueller has done go up in flames and vaporize into nothingness before their very eyes, this report states, is that in spite of everything they’ve tried to do to destroy President Trump, a major new poll shows his approval rating has climbed to its highest level ever—a poll meant for Trump to fail as it pitted  33% Democrat voters against 27% Republican ones(a dishonest polling practice called “misweighting” meant to get a pre-planned result, but Trump won anyway).

And which comes at the exact same time the Democrat Party television news mouthpiece of choice MSNBC has, once again, vilely screamed that Trump’s supporters have created an “existential crisis” because they’re a “white identity cult who hates America”—a more than despicable claim to make against ordinary American people supporting a President Trump who’s just presented the prestigious International Religious Freedom Award to black Muslim Imam Abubakar Abdullahi because he “selflessly risked his life to save members of another religious community—and is further using his power and influence to free black rapper celebrity A$AP Rocky from unjust racist persecution in white nationalist Sweden—facts proving the reality of such headlines now appearing in the US warning “Something Is Happening Across America And It Spells Big Trouble For The Democrat Party”—a “happening” best explained by knowing the truth that these American people aren’t as stupid as these coup plotters and Democrats thought they were, and who have rallied around Trump to save their nation from this demonic leftist insanity before it gets even worse.     

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