In Shock Move, Russia Labels US “One Party State” After Democratic Party Suicided

February 18, 2017

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A shocking Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that for the first time in 157 years, the Federation is categorizing the United States as a “one party state” as that nations once vibrant Democratic Party (DNC) has committed political suicide due to its leftist communistic vision for America being rejected so soundly it has lost more than 1,043 seats in State legislatures, governor’s mansions and the US Congress—and whose upcoming 2018 election season now shows it will face an even greater catastrophic disaster.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, the last time the United States was labeled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a “one party state” was in 1857 following the Dred Scott Decision that left the pro-slavery Democratic Party as the only viable political force in America—and that was preceded by the US Supreme Court voiding the Missouri Compromise that made slavery legal in all US territories.

With the Democratic Party being the “party of slavery, segregation and the KKK”, and in near total control of the United States between 1857 and 1860, this report continues, it achieved its “one party state” designation by Russia due to its total destruction of the Whig Party that had co-ruled America since its founding.

By forging the destroyed elements of the Whig Party, and the smaller, but equally destroyed, Free Soil Party, however, this report details, by 1860 the newly formed anti-slavery Republican Party (RNC) was able to break the Democratic Party stranglehold on America and elect as its first president Abraham Lincoln—but that in doing so led to a civil war claiming the lives of “not less than 850,000”—and that was stunningly 20% of the population of the entire United States.

Upon President Lincoln winning the 1860 election, thus showing his Republican Party was an equal counterpart to the Democratic Party, this report continues, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs then relabeled the United States as a “two party state”—a designation held for 157 years, until today.

To fully understand why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now calling the United States a “one party state”, MoFA political experts in this report explain, is due to the current battle for the leadership of the Democratic Party being summed up as: “White people concerned about their country need to shut their mouths and have their future dictated to them by radical racist left-wingers, was the apparently unanimous verdict of the angry Democrats seeking to chair their party’s governing body at a recent candidate forum.”

With the United States having a population of over 308 million, and whom 64% are white, this report notes, the Democratic Party’s exclusion of the largest voting bloc in America can be described as nothing less than total political suicide—and as evidenced by too many examples to count, including Democratic Party leader for New Hampshire, Matt Baron (who is white), leaving this party after 41 years.

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Being described as “low on energy, ideas, imagination” and “coming apart at the seams”, this report continues, the Democratic Party this past week even shockingly launched a vicious attack against one of the own leaders, former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, for his daring to tell the truth by saying “We heard loudly and clearly yesterday from Bernie supporters that the process was rigged, and it was. And you’ve got to be honest about it.”

As “honesty” no longer has a home in the Democratic Party, though, this report says, was that in less than 24 hours after his telling the truth, Secretary Perez was forced by his communistic leftist comrades to recant the truth with his groveling stating: “I misspoke”.


One of the most concise descriptions, too, of the Democratic Party suiciding itself, this report continues, was delivered this past week by the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, and who in warning about this political party said:  “A failed, collapsed party cannot form an effective resistance. Trump did not become president and the Republicans do not dominate virtually all levels of government because there is some sort of massive surge in enthusiasm for right-wing extremism. Quite the contrary: This all happened because the Democrats are perceived — with good reason — to be out of touch, artificial, talking points-spouting automatons who serve Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the agenda of endless war, led by millionaires and funded by oligarchs to do the least amount possible for ordinary, powerless citizens while still keeping their votes.”

Most critically not being understood by the now suicided Democratic Party either, this report explains, is that their relevance to America is further being diminished by the day as President Donald Trump has strategically focused on the mainstream “fake news” media as being the “true” opposition party—and who just hours ago Tweeted to his entire nation that the entire US media establishment “is the enemy of the American people”.

But to the gravest strategic error being made the Democratic Party in their open warfare against President Trump, this report explains, is that while they have put all of their future political hopes on the Millennial Generation as their key to rebuilding, Trump has put all of his on the younger Generation Z—and that due to the Left’s culture of intolerance, is creating a new generation of conservatives that new research shows will make them the most conservative generation since 1945.

And in their restating from their astounding report yesterday, MoFA analysts in today’s report note:  “Generation Z (1996-2010) [also known as Post-Millennials, the iGeneration, Homeland Generation] comprises more than a quarter of the US population, and by 2020 [when President Trump runs for his second term] will comprise over 40% of all US consumers (voters), are adept researchers [they know how to self-educate and find information] and, most fearful to leftists, are highly conservative [they don’t like drugs or gay marriage, and they HATE tattoos]—and who absolutely detest their elite communistic overlords, and as one journalist wrote about and stated: “They are rebelling against 8 years of stolid socialism-lite shoved in their faces, have experienced globalism and collectivism, and they hate it.

To the actual terrifying reality of the United States now being a “one party state” ruled by President Trump, and who will be fully backed by Generation Z, this report continues, the now suicided Democratic Party, in its greatest failure, has, also, failed to heed the Fourth Turning warnings and events now coming to pass that will soon engulf the entire world in flames—and whose path towards Steve Bannon (the most powerful person in the Trump White House) is now laying out, and as recently warned about by the Business Insider News Service who wrote about him: “He believes that, for the new world order to rise, there must be a massive reckoning. That we will soon reach our climax conflict.”

As to how close this “massive reckoning” is in order to reach the Fourth Turningclimax conflict” known about by Steve Bannon, this report concludes, became gravely evident this past week when President Trump stunningly came to the immediate aid of PewDiePie—and as we detailed in our report titled “President Trump-PewDiePie Alliance Shakes Globalist World To Its Very Core”.

PewDiePie Says: “Vote for Donald Trump”

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