No “Safe Space” After Post-Debate Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hillary betraying fear and shock, recounts moment when she is confronted with then 12 year old rape victim she attacked and discredited, on live television, and then talks about how she lost her “safe space” because that mean. old naughty man Donald Trump called her on her bullshit.
This poor child just watched the smack down, and she is in shock.
This poor child just watched the epic smack down, and may need years of therapy, it was so brutal.

Poor Hillary. She actually went on Ellen to share her Post-Debate Traumatic Stress Disorder from the battering she got at the debate. She said Donald was “dominating” and “invaded her space.” She said, essentially, “I am a feeble old woman that has yet to process the loss of my ‘safe space.'”

Yeah. We need a strong leader like that, because other leaders will respect her “safe space” when launching nukes. Or maybe ISIS respects her “safe space” and won’t attack our cities, beheading everyone until Hillary is rested, and emotionally healthy enough to tell them they are being naughty and not respecting personal boundaries.

Convert or die. ISIS militants are crucifying victims because to them crucifixion is especially humiliating due to its Christian implications.
ISIS at work.

This is exactly the kind of weakness and cowardice Americans detest and plays into the “women are too emotional and weak to lead” stereotype. Think Margaret Thatcher would pull this pathetic nonsense? This isn’t a leader, she’s a joke. She was defeated in a debate, she walked into it. You’d think she was under sniper fire in Bosnia.

I understand now.

We needed a man that could master and expose the media, which controls perception and therefore “reality.” We need an alpha male in world war three, now that she got us here, not this, because every single player on the antagonistic stage is an alpha male too. (Beta males like Tim Kaine don’t get elected president, ever, because they are not leaders by definition.) Think it’s sexist to say this? Then you may be the problem. Wars are not politically correct, and good strategy doesn’t take a back seat for anyone’s “safe space.” This is reality. She got us here, into this mess, and everyone knows it.

Providence has chosen this man. He knows how to fight the Clinton machine that Comey feared because he knows them completely, for decades. He will use America’s distrust of the media against them like the hammer of Thor. He will use their momentum against them, in this media jujitsu, like no one can. To think he wasn’t expecting a full media assault in October is naive.


But all… in due time.

Bully proof windows, Troll safe doors…

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