Hi. JK Rowling’s Two Cents on BDS…


tales“I agree with JK Rowling on the BDS thing and her opposition to boycotting Israel, although I don’t know exactly what it is about.  Because she, like, wrote all those Harry Potter books! I enjoy the realism in her books and knowing it’s all based on a true story. She inspires me and I plan to apply to Hogwarts now.”


“Me too!”

Philonius “The Erudite” McCormick further added “I would be pretty interested in what Judy Blume has to say about the boycott, she’s pretty smart too. Noam Chomsky is a faggot.”

The Impious Digest celebrates everyone’s right to be stupid, your author’s included, and in this case the stupid is a blind appeal to a children’s book author as a geopolitical authority lacking only decades of studies in cultural, religious and political realities throughout the world.

Essentially, the faulty appeal to authority is the argument that a claim is true simply because someone else believes it.

Faulty Appeal to Authority


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