Confirmation of Vanguard’s fake dollars inthe Ukraine?

Remote ATM control: Kaspersky Lab details $1bn online bank heist (EXCLUSIVE)

RT: Feb 16 2015: “The company [Kaspersky Lab] has been investigating a $1 billion attack on financial institutions by a sophisticated hacking group…. Russian cyber-security company Kaspersky Lab was invited to look into the matter, after an ATM in the Ukrainian capital Kiev started giving out cash randomly without anyone inserting a card or touching any buttons in late 2013.”

Debaltsevo_Ukie-Army-carnage_018-640x357Benjamin Fulford Feb 7, 2015: ” The Vanguard’s employees had buses of these dollars (billions), and they finance both sides of Ukrainian war… They bought a big amount of weapons from Ukrainian Army and on a regular basis provided it to Novorossiya (Donbass) militia… The Vanguard’s employees spread fake dollars in Ukraine through the banks that belong to Ukrainian Khazarian Oligarch, Igor Kolomoyskiy, who is the President of European Jewish Congress and Ukrainian Jewish Congress.”

What’s interesting is that Kolomoyskiy, though Jewish, is backing neo-Nazi fighters in the Ukraine. WTF?

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