First Opinion Poll held in War-torn Syria showed general feeling

9/29/2017 9:24 AM, Sophie Mangal

First Opinion Poll held in War-torn Syria showed general feeling

There had been general public opinion poll conducted by independent sociologists and political scientists from all around the world in war-torn Syria. The citizens of the state shared their views on the main events and situation now taking place in the country, their attitude towards other countries acting actively on the fate of the country and also called the main problems of the state. This analysis led to the identification of the population of Syria’s relationship to the conflict with the participation of various parties, as well as to find out at last where the truth that the media usually publish lies and how big is the falsehood.

It is noticed that the survey was conducted in all the Syrian provinces including those under pressure of war. According to preliminary data, 97% of respondents believe that the country is currently suffering from the crisis caused by corruption, internal weakness of the state and the collusion of other countries against Syria, consequences of which fuel and enhance a humanitarian catastrophe in the entire Middle East.

An interesting fact is that more than 70 percent of the voters support the policy of the head of state, do not believe in the inhumanity of Syrian President Bashar Assad and called the U.S. the main conspirator. The outskirts of Damascus were characterized by only 6 phrases: no housing, no work, monstrously high prices, a lot of street children, poverty, uncontrolled and mindless violence by the militants captured the villages. The residents of the main largest cities in Syria also complained about the destroyed infrastructure of the region, the lack of electricity and water, as well as non-working schools.

The opinion-poll experts pointed out that the overwhelming number of respondents cited themselves patriots of the country. The Syrians stressed that they would not have left their country, even if they had such an opportunity. People are exhausted by the war, so often they expressed the desire to live in a strong state with functioning public institutions.

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