Dead Man’s Switch Releases Hillary’s (Alleged) Medical Records re. Subcortical Vascular Dementia and Complex Partial Seizures

Hillary faints after leaving 9/11 ceremony early. First wobbly, she collapses and is literally dragged unconscious into the van, actually losing a shoe.[KGVID][/KGVID]cshpsteweaasuencshuyfvweaegmxv

UPDATE: These documents have been denied by the doctor in question and declared hoaxes, but  they did set off a firestorm of interest as to why Hillary Clinton hasn’t had a press conference in 2016. What is interesting, and has always been interesting, are the parallels between known facts and the statements in the documents. For example, it states that Hillary should always travel with a physician at hand, and that is actually what happened. The memory issues, and the brain injury, have never been denied and issues of “confusion” and a health crisis emerge in the leaked Wikileaks emails you can see below, which are genuine.

August 11, 2016

Father Of Doctor Treating Hillary Clinton For Dementia Mysteriously Dies

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The alleged papers: this leak purports that Hillary Clinton has Subcortical Vascular Dementia and Complex Partial Seizures. She is advised to travel everywhere with a physician. Sure enough, this is happening…



More of the alleged papers.

The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is reporting today that the continuing to grow list of mysterious deaths surrounding US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has increased after the father of the doctor treating her for dementia suddenly died this past weekend—and who is believed to have been behind the leaking of her most secret medical records.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Alleged Hillary Clinton MRI scan. Doctor Steve Pieczenik,  if MRI image validated, the man interviewed below corroborates it with diagnosis at 14:18 with Subcortical Vascular Dementia.

hhtt1The SVR first became “alerted/alarmed” regarding the circumstances of this latest mysterious death associated with Hillary Clinton on 17 July, this report says, when a “known/suspected” Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “hit team” traveled about 70 kilometers (44 miles) from their New York City “base/headquarters” to a small village named Mount Kisco, both being located in New York State.

Upon arriving in Mount Kisco, this report continues, this CIA “hit team” broke into a specialized small computer security companies annex office named Right Click Solutions, located at 322 East Main Street, but were “shocked/surprised” by the unexpected arrival of an off duty employee—who immediately called the local police forces when he noticed the break in—and who were only able to obtain a single laptop computer.

[pullquote]With Hillary Clinton’s health being reported in rapid decline, and her aides having to constantly keep her from falling, this report concludes, the US propaganda mainstream media is now reported to be “strangely silent” about telling the American people how ill she really is with dementia—leaving everyone to wonder if she’ll even be fit for office should she win the presidency.[/pullquote]An “electronic interrogation” of this company and its customers to ascertain the CIA’s interest in it, this report says, revealed an anomaly where this computer security company had installed a “Snowden-like dead man’s switch” on the personal computer of man named Vincent Fleck. [Note: The “dead man’s switch” refered to by the SVR in this report relates to a software programme that will automatically distribute information should something happen to the owner.]

In the SVR’s investigation of Vincent Fleck, this report continues, it was discovered that he was the father of Dr. Daniel Fleck—who is the personal physical therapist for Hillary Clinton and whose practice is located in New York City.

While SVR analysts were still investigating this case, this report notes, they received information this past Sunday (7 August) that Vincent Fleck had been reported dead in a mysterious swimming “event” near his home—and that was followed 24 hours later by the leaking to the public of Hillary Clinton’s secret medical reports from a Twitter account named @HillsMedlRecords—and that was nearly immediately shut down.

Prior to this Twitter account being shut down, however, this report continues, its creator was able to state “I hate to do this, but people need to need to know. Dr. Bardack was not honest about Hillary Clinton’s health and I have proof” and release several damaging medical documents—the most damaging being a diagnosis of Hillary Clinton that says she has “Complex Partial Seizures” and “Subcortical Vascular Dementia.”

Still unable to be determined by SVR analysts, this report says, is if this leak was done by Vincent Fleck acting alone, or by his son Dr. Daniel Fleck who was using his father’s computer in the mistaken belief he would not be discovered.

With Hillary Clinton’s health being reported in rapid decline, and her aides having to constantly keep her from falling, this report concludes, the US propaganda mainstream media is now reported to be “strangely silent” about telling the American people how ill she really is with dementia—leaving everyone to wonder if she’ll even be fit for office should she win the presidency.

Emails From Huma Abedin Consistent With “Leaked” Record: Hillary is “often confused”


Email from Sidney Blumenthal Suggest a Serious Condition (Which this is)


Hillary’s poor health and Andrew Jackson, Lynn Rothschild of  the banking dynasty, Tina Brown topics of leaked email.

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What are complex partial seizures?

  1. Complex partial seizures last 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. These seizures may have an aura (or warning).
  3. Complex Partial Seizures include automatisms (such as lip smacking, picking at clothes, fumbling), unaware of surroundings or may wander.
  4. Many treatment options are available including medicines, diet, surgery and devices.


Dark, or colored glasses, are a treatment option for photosensitive epilepsy/seizures.



These seizures usually start in a small area of the temporal lobe or frontal lobe of the brain. They quickly involve other areas of the brain that affect alertness and awareness. So even though the person’s eyes are open and they may make movements that seem to have a purpose, in reality “nobody’s home.” If the symptoms are subtle, other people may think the person is just daydreaming.

Some people can have seizures of this kind without realizing anything has happened. The seizure can wipe out memories of events just before or after it.

Some of these seizures (usually ones beginning in the temporal lobe) start with a simple partial seizure.

Then the person loses awareness and stares blankly.

Most people move their mouth, pick at the air or their clothing, or perform other purposeless actions. These movements are called “automatisms” (aw-TOM-ah-TIZ-ums).

Less often, people may repeat words or phrases, laugh, scream, or cry. Some people do things during these seizures that can be dangerous or embarrassing, such as walking into traffic or taking their clothes off. These people need to take precautions in advance.

Source: Epilepsy Fondation

Subcortical vascular dementia

“Subcortical vascular dementia, also called Binswanger’s disease, is caused by widespread, microscopic areas of damage to the brain resulting from the thickening and narrowing (atherosclerosis) of arteries that supply blood to the subcortical areas of the brain. Atherosclerosis (commonly known as “hardening of the arteries”) is a systemic process that affects blood vessels throughout the body. It begins late in the fourth decade of life and increases in severity with age. As the arteries become more and more narrowed, the blood supplied by those arteries decreases and brain tissue dies.

“Brain imaging shows the brain lesions typical of the disease and is essential for an accurate diagnosis. The most characteristic feature of vascular dementia is psychomotor slowness – an increase in the length of time it takes, for example, for the fingers to turn the thought of a letter into the shape of a letter on a piece of paper. Other symptoms include forgetfulness (but not as severe as the forgetfulness of Alzheimer’s disease), changes in speech, unsteady gait, clumsiness or frequent falls, changes in personality or mood or urinary symptoms.



“Controlling medical risk factors including hypertension, diabetes and elevated cholesterol – along with consuming a healthy diet, exercising, and not drinking too much alcohol or smoking – can slow the progression of vascular dementia. Vascular dementia often coexists with Alzheimer’s disease.

“A small group of rare disorders cause rapidly progressing dementias, in which people get worse week by week rather than over a period of years. Prion diseases, such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, are the most common cause of rapidly progressing dementias. Prions are misfolded proteins that kill cells and produce the symptoms.”

Source: Cleveland Clinic

‘Years later, Bill Clinton said that it “required six months of very serious work” for her to get over the concussion. ‘Doctors had found a blood clot in her right transverse venous sinus related to her concussion, but ultimately determined that the clot caused no neurological injury. “No lingering effects,” Clinton told Diane Sawyer in 2014, when asked about her experience.”

When this interview aired, late night talk show hosts were somewhat skeptical and a bit brutal, and a meme regarding that very quote went viral…

Hillary Clinton Aide Sought NFL Concussion Advice After Boss Fell The Daily Beast, 11/30/15


Actually, There Are Lingering Effects, and Serious Ones


The MMSE, or Mini Mental State Examination

“The patient scored significantly lower on today’s test than when tested in 2013.” From Feb 5, 2014 examination.

Click to access MMSE.1276128605.pdf


“The MMSE can also be used to assess changes in a person who has already been diagnosed with dementia. It can help to give an indication of how severe a person’s symptoms are and how quickly their dementia is progressing. Again, results should be considered alongside other measures of how the person is coping together with clinical judgement.”

The Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE), The Alzheimers Society


NOTE: Snopes, a dynamic duo of a husband and wife team that have been self-appointed as the arbiters of the ultimate truth, claim to have debunked some of this story, but they’re actually a repository of smug and unvetted bullshit they admit themselves.Its founder actually admitted to ABC News that for legal reasons, they must disclose that they actually are NOT journalists, adding“We claim ‘to provide evidence for such debunkings and confirmation as well, but that’s just ridiculous.”

“You have to understand that when a story like this goes viral, and we spend a minute or two debunking it, we make lots of money. Stories like this have helped put my children through college, buy a new car, a home and even get the surgery my wife Barbara wanted so I didn’t have to use Viagra anymore.” David Mikkleson laughs, “We claim ‘to provide evidence for such debunkings and confirmation as well‘, but that’s just ridiculous. Do you know how much time that would take? Instead, we just copy and paste parts of the original article into ours, write a couple sentences, and that’s it. I just want to be clear, our website does zero journalism or anything creative, and I’m only telling you this for legal reasons. For example, do you remember that recent article we wrote debunking a story which claimed Scientology lost it’s tax-exempt status? Did you actually read it? What is the name of the person responsible? What is the actual website URL? We claim to know it, since we list the website’s disclaimer in there, but no real information is there. We even go as far as saying the site that started the story spreads malware and viruses, but we don’t say what website it is. I think warning people about a website that could potentially destroy their computer is probably a good idea, and I hope one day to do that kind of ethical journalism, but people will click our ads regardless, bottom line; so why do the extra work? To be honest, I’d say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.”

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