Enemy of the people: the “Russian collusion” hoax

The mass media has constructed a prison for the mind. The "Russian collusion" hoax gives us an opportunity for a mass jailbreak by the general public.

By Martin Geddes

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I took most of the last two weeks off work because the stress of waiting for the “big event” was getting to me. Right as the wheels of my plane touched the tarmac on Friday evening in London, the key finding of the Mueller report on election interference was released to the public: no Americans will be prosecuted for any crimes related to “Russian collusion”. I have spent the weekend enjoying both the spring sunshine — and the relief of proof that I am standing on the right side of history.

Civil wars don’t just happen — they are carefully planned. We have just collectively dodged the political assassin’s bullet aimed at the lawfully elected President of the United States, and by proxy the free world. Make no mistake: this was the treachery of Dealey Plaza replayed, but using memetic weapons in place of kinetic ones. The media have been gaslighting the public with lies in a seditionist plot.

Donald Trump and Patriots in the US military are reversing the multi-stage infiltration and hijacking of the American Republic that has been undertaken over the last two centuries. To understand that process is beyond the scope of this essay. Suffice it to say, if this coup attempt had succeeded‚ it would have installed in the US a dictatorship of the most vicious and dangerous nature. Tyranny would have taken full hold over the levers of state, to abuse at will.

The consequence would have been a definite bloody public uprising, and a probable split of the US military between Patriots and Globalists. I personally — as a British-born Patriot and dissident — would have been in great danger. Thankfully, that timeline is not the one we are now set upon. Instead, we will see a Biblical fury unleashed as traitors and criminals are rooted out to face the most severe justice. Many will go to the gallows. Be prepared for televised scenes this year unlike anything you have met before.

We have seen the evidence drip out over the past two years of how the “Russian collusion” narrative was fabricated from nothing. It has been known since last summer that Mueller could not possibly be investigating “Russian collusion” by President Trump. The media has spent two years actively pushing a “conspiracy theory” they knew was false, designed to reverse the outcome of the 2016 election. They are doomed.

“They never thought she would lose.” — Q+ (i.e. POTUS).

Now do you understand why the QAnon military intelligence project was needed, and why the media has been implacably opposed to it? The entire mass media has been allied to an international criminal cartel that has been working to take over the United States of America. This cartel had already taken over virtually every major institution — including the Presidency — for decades. The last few bastions of honour in the military have save us from violent catastrophe. You should be giving prayers of thanks to many unknown warriors.

In the short term we will see an unfolding of drama that prepares the public for the traumas and outrages to come. The Inspector General’s report and Declassification will lay the groundwork for Huber’s prosecutions for FISAgate. There are tens of thousands of sealed indictments ready and waiting — with the unsealing having already begun. The US military is already very busy fighting “enemies domestic”; foreign wars are being wound down.

Specifically, the Clinton Foundation will be exposed for human trafficking. Hillary Clinton has been running a crime gang for decades, and as Secretary of State was selling off everything American she could lay her hands on — especially valuable secrets. Obama is a total fraud from the start. The roll call of scandals that will now come to the surface is an essay in itself: one tweet wasn’t enough space to list them all! There will be Nuremberg-like trials for war crimes. Gitmo is going to be very full.

This is a real war. Some of us are fighting it with every asset we have, because we understand the stakes. The nature of this secret occult war, fought largely with intelligence assets, is unlike any before. Information warfare happens inside people’s heads, and in everyday social settings. It cannot be acknowledged by the mass media because they are active combatants and enemies of the people. Stop treating them as if they are involved in legitimate journalism: they are fighting to keep control over you and your loved ones.

The good news is that their psychological warfare, used to sell social division and violent conflict, is about to be fully exposed and ended. Our society will be transformed for the better — but only if we unify against this manifest wrongdoing. Some of the horrors that household name media companies have been covering up — especially wicked crimes against children — will deeply upset you (at least if you have a shred of humanity in your body).

The silver lining is that these revelations — if yet to formally emerge — will help us to overcome our historic divisions. We are going to have to get past old left/right fights, rebounding accusations of racism, and hard feelings on both sides of the “conspiracy theorist” divide. We now know the real “conspiracy theory” was a media plot against us all — by criminals who own propaganda factories. They have used this power to brainwash the public to accept their contrived state of affairs as being normal — and even desirable.

To confront the horrific truth of the “Russian collusion” hoax takes courage and conscience. The “Where We Go One We Go All” ethos welcomes everyone in the fight against such evil, even if a little tardy to the battlefield. Please do reflect hard on whether you are standing on the right side of history. I implore you to join us in our mass jailbreak from their media-made prison of the mind. Help us to put these thieves of liberty into real prisons — where they belong.

“Enjoy the show.” — Q
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