Comparison to John Stossel Borders Defamation

s-JOHN-STOSSEL-largeDear Editor,

We wish to express in the strongest possible terms our objection to your use of FOX news contributor John Stossel as a point of comparison to “dog shit” in your article “John Stossel Bitch Slapped- Literally.”

As you surely must know, we are an international community that’s no stranger to scorn and disgust, and we are universally reviled. Every day we work hard to rebuild and reform the much-maligned  image of each and every movement in our collective body, and it is statements like yours at The Impious Digest that take us decades back in our endeavors. Please do not make our work harder, or even futile: kindly refrain from such offensive and hurtful comparisons to ignorant pig fuckers like John Stossel. A retraction is also in order.


Wishing you an early death,

Ann Coulter,

Aryan Fecal Pride Subcommittee Chair,
Society for the Appreciation of Dog Shit

Charles Krauthammer,

National Dog Shit Anti-Defamation League

Dear Ann, Charles,

This is worthy of an extended rebuttal and it can be found here.


The Editor

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