Leaked Hillary Emails to Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddows Will be Worth the Wait

CBS President and CEO, Les Moonves: “Super PACs may be bad for America, but they’re very good for CBS.”

As for Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddows, anything to boost their sagging ratings. We’re here to help with talking points, talking points, and more talking points from someone other than Hillary or Huma. 

Here’s a sample of what we have seen before: Hillary planting questions at 60 Minutes…

And here’s Anderson Cooper being outed…

Anderson Cooper Shilling for Her Majesty



So here’s the deal. Your audience will reflect the reality on the ground. Many of these people here once saw your show regularly, then stopped. Not only did they stop, they stopped with a passion. Your ratings were always worse than those of FOX News. Marketers and entrepreneurs will take note of the following, because not all of them are bankers or war profiteers, and find customers in these many many millions:


13321756_504644196405474_3643923160358311239_nYou, or any of the collective media, have not been able to stop the momentum. It has grown stronger, and in a way, you should be thanked for it. For those who doubted the media could, or would conspire against the American public to deceive them about something as important as this election, this removed all doubt. The propaganda machine was exposed, and you will not emerge unscathed. You hitched your wagon to Hillary’s, so enjoy the ride.

See Hillary’s “front runner” crowd in the gym in the bottom picture? That’s you, and your audience. You, and Chris Matthews, will continue to be unmarketable, especially in the coming days.

The servant is not above his master.

As for Paul Krugman’s idiotic article “Feel the Math” which argued Hillary was essentially exonerated by the FBI and State Department and still a shoe-in for the nomination, he can continue masturbating to himself in the ceiling mirror. No one cares. The New York Times has no influence anymore, especially nationally, as Americans know it is nothing more than Hillary’s annoying newsletter. Proof is that even when Krugman is right, no one cares.

More so when he is high.


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