Clinton Nears Newspaper Industry Takeover To Keep Hidden Trump Fight For Black Rights

July 19, 2019

Clinton Nears Newspaper Industry Takeover To Keep Hidden Trump Fight For Black People Rights

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A fearfully worded new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the world is yet again on the brink of World War III as US-Australian military forces conduct their largest amphibious assault since World War II, states the urging of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for the world community to try to find a balance of interests on key global problems has just been met with news coming from the United States that Gatehouse Media is poised to buy USA Today owner Gannett—a merger that would make America’s biggest newspaper chain even bigger—and would make Gatehouse Media owner Fortress Investment Group the main gateway for all news in America—which is a hedge fund controlled by business tycoon Wesley Edens—about whom, aside from his being called “the new king of subprime lending” (vile practice that brought the world to the brink of economic collapse in 2007), is a Democrat Party mega donor to Hillary Clinton—and whose ownership of nearly every newspaper in the US, will allow him to keep from the American people such true things as President Donald Trump having just come to the aid of the black rapper celebrity A$AP Rocky by his ordering Sweden to immediately improve his prison conditions while he awaits trial for unjust charges lodged against him—an order spearheaded by the Urban Revitalization Coalition—which is the White House organization created by Trump to give “A New Deal For Black America”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Multi-billionaire Hillary Clinton mega donor Wesley Edens (above left with former President Bill Clinton) soon to control nearly every newspaper in America

According to this report, over the past 43-yearsPresident Trump has been honored with the Humanitarian Award by the National Jewish Health Society, was given the Tree of Life Award by the Jewish National Fund, was presented with the Ellis Island Medal of Honor civil rights award that celebrates “patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity” while standing alongside fellow honorees Muslim icon boxer Muhammad Ali and black American civil rights icon Rosa Parks, and, among other tributes, was effusively praised by American civil rights leader Jesse Jackson for his aiding African-Americans in their struggle to be represented at the highest tables on Wall Street—all of which is being kept from the knowledge of the American people by their leftist mainstream media overlords, like Wesley Edens, who now claim Trump is a racist overseeing concentration camps in a bid to “make American white again” while he kills millions of people of colour—and whom they’re now openly comparing to Adolf Hitler—who actually was a racist and killed millions of Jews and people of colour.  

The malign power of the leftist mainstream media in being able to obliterate nearly a half-century of President Trump standing up and defending the Jewish and black peoples of his nation, this report continues, is now being evidenced by their attacking Trump for using the 1960-1970’s bumper sticker trope (a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression) “America, Love It Or Leave It” against a small group of radical communist US Congresswomen calling themselves “The Squad”—the main leader of whom, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, is now being called “A One-Woman Committee To Re-Elect The President”—and whose former Silicon Valley Bernie Bro spokesman Corbin Trent, the New York Times has warned, is applying Facebook’s mantra of “move fast and break things” to one of the oldest institutions in the country—which is the Democrat Party controlled US House of Representatives where its 79-year-old Speaker Nancy Pelosi and 29-year-old freshman Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez are trapped in a generational and ideological tangle.

Making this “generational and ideological tangle” even more insane, this report notes, is “The Squad” member US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar—who more evidence is emerging about proving that she illegally married her own brother in a criminal plot allowing him to illegally enter the United States—that involved her committing 8 acts of perjury the penalty of which sees her facing 40-years in prisonand deportation—but who yesterday, along with “The Squad” member US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaibshockingly introduced a new law to sanction Israel because they say it’s just like Nazi Germany—thus making more than understandable why Trump would suggest they leave America since they hate it and its ally Israel so much. 

Being covered up, of course, by the leftist mainstream media about President Trump’s bumper sticker talk against these radical communist US Congresswomen, this report points out, is that he was actually just responding in kind to them and their socialist supporters—who demanded that the US Department of Justice strip top Trump aide Sebastian Gorka of his American citizenship and “Send Him BackTo Where He Came From—while at the same time, they began a #DeportMelania campaign to throw First Lady Melania Trump out of the United States, too

Demented leftist media and socialist Democrats want First Lady Melania Trump stripped of citizenship and thrown out of United States

The true motive behind the leftist mainstream media and socialist Democrat Party attacks on President Trump calling him racist, this report explains, is because he’s the first American leader in modern history to stand up against the insanity they’re pummeling the American people with daily—the latest examples being the leftist Silicon Valley giant Apple having just pushed out 72 different emojis to represent gay, straight and lesbian couples in 5 races all of the users of their smart phones must now use, as “men” and “women” no longer exist—a man saying he’s a woman now suing several business owners after their beauty salons refused to give him a Brazilian wax, with one owner saying she was not comfortable “waxing male genitals—a hospital staff being blamed for not knowing a “man” was pregnant, even though “she” listed on her medical records that she was “male”, and the hospital did what they were trained to do—the city of Berkley-California obliterating centuries of English language use by ordering the changing of every single word having a sex gender, such as changing “manhole” to “maintenance hole” and “manpower” to “human effort—and the Miss World America beauty pageant who stripped beloved Christian commentator Kathy Zhu of her Miss Michigan title because she wouldn’t wear a religious Muslim hijab on her head when ordered to

Equally as demonically insidious as this long planned and deliberate leftist destruction of America is, this report details, are socialist Clinton forces now being on the verge of taking over all of this nation’s newspapers—that will give new power to voices such as disgraced and fired former FBI Director James Comey, who just declared about his own nation’s leader and those supporting him “We Must Send Trump And His Mob Back To Their Dark Corner”—while at the same time, they keep from the American people such facts as:

The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in favor of President Trump cutting off funds to “sanctuary cities” protecting illegal aliens.

Special Counsel Robert Muller prosecutors having to openly admit in US Federal Court that the troll farms buying Facebook ads during the 2016 election were not connected in any way to the Russian government.

The FBI having to admit that the vast majority of the Steele Dossier was wrong or unverifiable—but they used to spy on the Trump campaign anyway.

Newly released US Federal Court documents revealing that Fox News analyst Ellen Rattner was told directly by Wikileaks leader Julian Assange that Democrat Party data analyst Seth Rich and his brother Aaron stole the DNC emails and gave them to him—not Russia as the leftist media has claimed.

The case against General Michal Flynn business partner Bijan Rafiekian falling apart in US Federal Court as Mueller’s prosecutors keep having their lies exposed—and whose main prosecution witness, after leaving the stand, and in full view of the jury, walked over and shook Rafiekian’s hand, then sat down at the defense table to support him.


Standing nearly alone to keep his nation and the world from blowing itself up, this report concludes, is snowflake-melting leftist head-exploding unstoppable President Trump—who yesterday made another move for peace when said he was “not looking” at placing sanctions on NATO nation Turkey for its buying and now deploying the highly feared Russian S-400 defensive missile system—but which he knows Turkey had “no choice” but to buy and deploy as their own air force colluded with the Obama Regime to overthrow President Erdogan in 2016—further sees his actions for peace causing thePalestinian Problem to die of natural causes and North Korea edging closer to relinquishing its nuclear bombs—all of which has led to many “Never Trump” Republicans having second thoughts about not supporting him as they watch Republican Party mega-donors pour money into the Trump 2020 Campaign—and is an election even top Democrat Party experts are now warning is starting to resemble the 1972 US Presidential Election, that saw the Republicans wiping the proverbial national floor clean of leftist lunacy as they cruised to victory by winning 49 out of 50 States and restored America back to sanity.  



July 19, 2019 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

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