Chris Hayes Rocks Cable News, Media Still Circle Jerks to War Mongers

Don’t know why this is news, but it’s supposed to be important because cable news public relations firms say so, albeit they plant stories in high traffic sites passing off as news but they are really just ads and discredit the legitimacy of the purveyor.

Whatever the case may be, good for you, Mr. Hayes! You must be very proud of yourself! You look thinner, too, and manlier!

Don’t know what I can do with this enormous pearl of wisdom, this sacred knowledge precious enough to hold front page real estate with the worst, perhaps deadliest Texas flood in history.

Yeah it is good to  know that you guys got the highest cable news ratings for the month. Should I tattoo this milestone on my neck in pride? August ’17 #1 Cable News Ratings baby!

Should I write to my legislators and demand a national holiday for this historic, monumental achievement grand enough to replace Christmas?

Well, this all must be pretty important if it’s got you patting yourselves on the back like this… but in the end, porn has more viewers, and its intentions are more benign than war mongering, starting race wars and reigniting the cold war like the MSM is wont to do.

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