Why Trump’s Debate Performance Was the Best in Televised History

A president called out on sexual assault and rape on live television. He faces his accusers, knows it’s true, can’t deny it, can’t sue for slander. Breaking from tradition, Hillary made no attempt to defend him because she knows it’s true, as well her media attacks on his victims (particularly Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Katherine Willey).

We saw evil called evil, naked and bare, we saw the unheard cries of justice voiced through a candidate with surgical precision and irrefutable devastation. The only person that got booed that night was Hillary. It was a slaughter.

Gen. Martha Radditz Makes Run for Prez

The only person that got booed that night was Hillary. It was a slaughter.

Operation Dumb Ass: Call your target and tell them you'll attack in a few days.
ABC’s Gen. Martha Radditz proposes Allepo strategy, Operation RAMBLING HAG: Call ISIS and tell them you’ll attack in a few days, you will bring cookies and refreshments to win over their black little shriveled hearts, and thus ensure a guaranteed psychological warfare victory.

On the day Trump was to go down in flames after a tape with his naughty language  was leaked to the Washington Post, after a mass defection of Republican pussies scrambled to the media to bask in self-righteousness, everyone expected a night of Trump apologies and feminist beat downs. Instead, we saw a slaughter, the most stunning display of psychological warfare seen since the Iraq war. It was a media shock and awe they would do well to remember, because the offensive exposed them, too, especially that Clinton surrogate Martha Radditz from ABC. She actually began to debate Trump on Hillary’s behalf to show off her prowess in war games and military history or as some wag noted “to run for president herself.” She argued it’s sometimes a good idea to telegraph intended targets weeks ahead against basic military doctrine (never strike without the element of surprise). Radditz really embarrassed her network. Why read Sun Tzu when she can read Dr. Seuss?

Body language is critical because up to 92% of communication is non-verbal.

Bill Clinton as he is called on rape and sexual assault on live television. In a presidential debate.
Bill Clinton as he is called on rape and sexual assault on live television… in a presidential debate.

Hillary’s body language at the end of the debate was clear: she was afraid and defeated. It was shell shock. The nervous gulping, jaw clenching, eyes widening, the stammering, the broken facade, the fake grin. When Trump made a serious point about Hillary’s traumatizing Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims, those that were actually present in the audience, and her deleting 33,000 emails after a congressional subpoena, the gravity was accepted by the audience.

However, Hillary just grinned at these inappropriate moments, as if the condescending, nervous  grin was a rebuttal in and of itself. She literally looked idiotic and extremely callous towards the traumatized women in the audience,  and that’s “idiotic” according to one body language expert interviewed by the Washington Post, Hillary’s own newsletter.

Hillary’s Inappropriate “Look! balloons!” Grin

“Look! balloons!”

Did you know Hillary needs cues for when to smile? Not a joke. We learned that from Wikileaks, as explained in the video below.

But this explains the strange grinning during the debate. Did the cue guy take a potty break and leave Hillary to fend for herself, smiling all along just in case she missed a cue?


Grinning idiotically during highly inappropriate moments, like when discussing the rape of a then 12 year old girl, or as he discussed Bill’s impeachment and disbarring, then her media attacks on his victims (Monica Lewinsky, Katherine Willey, Paula Jones, et al), for her that goofy grin alone was a rebuttal. “That’s just not true!” she cried. “Go to my website for a fact check!” was another gem when she got stumped.

She actually needs cues to know when to smile.

Eventually the condescending grin couldn’t hold, and it was painfully clear it was forced. It was incredibly telling.

Gone was the first debate’s smug and practiced shimmy some NYT writer diddled herself  to in an article about her winning so handily she didn’t even need the sound on. In front of 80 million people, she was confronted by rape victims she attacked and traumatized. Bill Clinton was forced to face his four accusers. Here they are before the debate:

The next day, political masturbator in chief/head golem Joy Behar of ABC’s gossip coven The View called the rape victims “tramps” for which she was forced to apologize. But no one bought it.

Hillary’s Bent for Fortune Telling

Since Hillary is all about fortune telling and conjuring the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt, here’s something interesting:

Pepe the frog tries to help.

There’s also Judeo-Christian prophecies.

[pullquote]She was called out on corruption, and a plan to appoint a special prosecutor was announced. The audience didn’t boo, they went wild with applause.[/pullquote]And surely there’s others saying the exact opposite, such as the Holy Prophet Glenn Beck (see Clinton Foundation). This is an interesting year. But for those of you who don’t believe in any of this, there’s always the polls.

And at the moment she was confronted with her indefensible past in attacking Bill’s rape and sexual assault victims facing her in the audience that night, Providence seemed to send the mark of Beelzebub as a fly landed on her face.

The optics were perfectly timed, an exclamation point.

Everyone forgot about the audio.

She was called out on corruption, and a plan to appoint a special prosecutor was announced. The audience didn’t boo, they went wild with applause.

After the debate, her fiercest supporters didn’t look triumphant, they looked ashamed. They hung their heads down. Sure, they kept saying she won, but they didn’t believe it, not like the first time.

Trump’s body language after the debate is also telling. He’s not worried, very confident, and he knows something we don’t.

When Trump Haters Tell it Like it Is

Mika’s body language is also very telling. She can’t face Joe or the camera directly. She looks down. It is a mixture of humility and extreme surprise, and she takes a submissive posture to Joe. This is what people do when they reluctantly agree. But to her credit, Mika delivered the most honest, cogent and powerful assessment to close this clip. It was Mika at her very best.

Don’t fuck with this guy.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were ruined that night and it appears they are literally more powerful than Obama. Still, Trump went there, and shocked everyone. They didn’t expect that. That is what you call “the element of surprise.” Had he followed the Martha Radditz School of Military Strategy and Theory, he would have called her first and told Hillary everything he planned to do.

In his apology the night prior, Trump’s body language was different. He was uncertain and rattled, understandably, but you knew he was about to strike when his expression and tone changed completely into one of a firm, resolute and fearless man about to cross the Rubicon towards the end of the apology. It was the way he cocked his head slightly and slipped a glare into the camera as he said “see you at the debate on Sunday.” He made a point to emphasize the debate was something he truly looked forward to. Payback was coming, it was clear, and it did.

What the Clinton campaign and establishment Republicans were expecting was a cancellation of the debate, and even withdrawal. What they got was the worst possible nightmare they could imagine.

George Soros is the man behind the Clintons. He is not a very nice man and specializes in using media monopolies to create “color revolutions” and wage war. Have you seen a media monopoly lately? You can usually tell when every channel is reporting the same talking points and telling who you must vote for… trying to shame you into voting for someone and stage interventions to make the right choice, you know, just like here.

In all seriousness, this was the best since the Lincoln-Douglass debates. Was it near as eloquent? no, but it was more powerful and historical in many ways. We are also dealing with slavery today, the slavery of Americans to debt slavery.

We saw evil called evil, naked and bare, we saw the unheard cries of justice voiced through a candidate with surgical precision and irrefutable devastation. The press hated the Gettysburg Address when it first came out, and even Lincoln thought he did poorly. But it has gone down in history as Lincoln’s greatest oratory.

Still, it was just a debate, right? All fireworks aside, we’ll see in November.


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