A Psychological Analysis of a Psychologist Who Analyzed Trump

[pullquote]Sullivan is incapable of accepting reality. Trump is president, not Hillary, and it’s time he got some trauma and grief counseling to help him move on.[/pullquote]When you haven’t spent most of your life on television, you can’t hide who you are, and this guest is no exception. His body language screams “I am a fraud!” His eyes are telling, and dart to the right, long blinks to conceal eye movement (read deception) as he begins to fabricate his nonsense. We can also observe Sullivan’s own palpable insecurity and narcissism projected on to Donald Trump. Think about it. Sullivan has no political training or influence with world leaders, which Trump enjoyed before his presidency, but he thinks a psychology degree makes him innately superior to the President of the United States and that such training supersedes the skill set that got Trump the highest office in the free world.

But above all, the fact he feels he has the authority, without having ever treated the man, to declare President Trump’s speculated “mental illness” a national emergency proves there is but one intervention needed; and that it is an intervention that should involve a heavy sedative and inpatient restraints, so he can finish his interview from the safe confines of a psychiatric ward.

There are good psychologists, and bad ones. There has never been a psychologist or psychiatrist free of cognitive dissonance, neurosis, or an incapacity to be deceived. We will be discussing the bad ones, those who have the jaw-dropping idiocy to diagnose someone on television without extensive interviews or testing.

Psychologists Often Project Their Own Narcissism

Just as an oncologist may know everything about cancer, he may still develop cancer. Sometimes, we see psychologists go through the same thing. They might be able to identify maladies well, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to them. Psychologists that like to be on television often have no clue that producers will manipulate them with their conceit, their high opinion of themselves, and use that to further political or commercial agendas. Risking your career by projecting their complexes on to famous people simply doesn’t sound too stable, upon a little thought.

Even live interviews are deceptions. This guest demonstrates, much to Brian “Curly”  Stelter’s humiliation, how “pre-interviews” are conducted to ensure a given narrative doesn’t change.

Aside from that, what a low bar for success, a CNN appearance where they do pre-interviews so you can say exactly what they want you to say, and if not, to edit your interview so it portrays whatever the official narrative may be, though it is contrary to what you meant to say.

“And the reason why we give them this success is to make use of the high conceit of themselves to which it gives birth, for that insensibly disposes them to assimilate our suggestions without being on their guard against them in the fullness of their confidence that it is their own infallibility which is giving utterance to their own thoughts, and that it is impossible for them to borrow those of others. . .

“You cannot imagine to what extent the wisest of the people can be brought to a state of unconscious naivete the presence of this condition of high conceit of themselves, and at the same time how easy it is to take the heart out of them by the slightest ill-success, though it be nothing more than the stoppage of the applause they had, and to reduce them to a slavish submission for the sake of winning a renewal of success. . .”

(from a very naughty book)

Sullivan perfectly illustrates projection. He says that President Trump can’t accept reality, when in fact, it is Sullivan that cannot. Perhaps the following flow chart can help our friend understand this basic psychological defense mechanism:

More on Projection from a Guy Who Licensed Psychiatrists

A warning to politicians on left and right from a State Department official who certified psychiatrists for a living. Points include:

  1. Shrinks who made public diagnosis can be sued for slander.
  2. Yale can be defunded for backing this effort.
  3. Public hearings should be forced to explain how such a diagnosis can be reached without a personal interview or medical assessment.
  4. They’re projecting their own bullshit narcissism, grandiosity and instability.
  5. Essentially, they’re playing high stakes chess with nothing but backgammon players, and not particularly impressive ones at that.
  6. They may lose their professions for this ridiculous tantrum.
  7. This is essentially a psychiatric march of pussy hats, although he put it more eloquently and not in those words.

[pullquote]Like Stelter, he is crying “notice me! I’m on a cable news show, therefore I am stronger and smarter than President Trump!” He is, in short, saying things a helpless, delusional and irrelevant mad man would say in the face of a world power. Now that’s crazy![/pullquote]Sullivan is therefore unstable, and incapable of accepting reality. Trump is president, not Hillary, and it’s time he got some trauma and grief counseling to help him move on. Such public outbursts of unprofessional conduct and frankly, hysteria, can be devastating to his career. That is no joke.

He, like many of those misinformed by a partisan press, seems unaware of what the DNC truly thought of Trump (at least one key staffer). In the leaked DNC emails we learn that although they did believe they could topple him easily with Hillary, they made note of the fact that Trump was a master of persuasion and a marketing genius on a level akin to Steve Jobs. In all elections, a candidate has to sell himself, or herself, and that is what he did. Another thing to point out is that mentally unstable people are seldom successful. Evil people and sociopaths, yes unfortunately, but insanity is not a winning formula.

It is fun to guess what is going on with President Trump and what he’s thinking, but that is not professional, and if he was in any way genuine or ethical he would know better. He stigmatizes the mentally ill, as well, by portraying them as people to be feared. What kind of psychologist does that? Certainly not a good one.

[pullquote]A safe place for Sullivan and Stelter.[/pullquote]Aside from poor Yelp reviews, we have other barometers that show the best sign that the guest is horrible at what he does is that he bases his analysis not on what he has observed by treating the man, but on rumors, often deceptively edited “fake news” clips to misrepresent context, and second hand observations and hearsay. To believe for one second that we have no fake news is to imply we are never lied to when over 2/3 of Americans don’t trust the press for a reason.

Psychologists will often refer to Sullivan’s illogical, anti-social and self-defeating behavior as that consistent with a unique spectrum of psychological disorders in the upcoming DSM-VI’s newly minted “Sullivan Syndrome” diagnosis, but which may be found under an official listing of Psychotic Fucking Moron. Incidentally, for billing, purposes insurers will still accept the latter if coded 318.1 or 318.2.

Updated DSM-VI Tailored for Sullivan

DSM-VI Updates reflect new Sullivan Syndrome
[pullquote]Venezuela Takes CNN Off The Air Over “Fake News” Report[/pullquote]It is very disheartening to see a psychologist foster more stigma by labeling people he disagrees with politically as “mentally ill,” especially when we have no context. In this sense, mental illness is conveyed with negative connotations proportionate to his hatred of a man, and any objective party that hears this sort of talk, this disparagement, they will assume the worst in friends or family who have the actual diagnosis.

What is meant by no context? We don’t read the presidential daily briefings and we don’t know the magnitude of the issues to be handled and how well President Trump deals with them. What we do have is the perspective of a network that has been cut out of the loop for weeks because they are demonstrably fake news. For example:

Deep State Social Engineering All Psychologists and Psychiatrists Must Spot and Wade Through (Good Luck!)

How the CIA and Corporate Media Complex Brainwashes AmericansThe Art of Deception; Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations, from the Snowden NSA leaks. Unless each and every shrink who signed on to this list below is aware of the psychological operations in use by CNN and other old guard media to secretly manipulate tv, radio, and social media audiences, they really are speaking from a deeply uninformed perspective, and merely analyzing shadows on a wall.

35 Shrinks That Should Seek Some Therapy

[pullquote]You’re looking at 35 quacks with some serious issues. It’s like seeing Split and postulating the actor has multiple personality disorder because he plays a man with multiple personality disorder.[/pullquote]Not too long ago there were 35 shrinks who signed a letter alleging that President Trump was mentally ill, was a national security threat, and should step down. A proper diagnosis takes time, with a psychological assessment that includes interviews and medical considerations. The absurdity of diagnosing a man you’ve never treated or met can best be illustrated by the following:

Would you trust a doctor that would go to a movie and diagnose an actor based on the role he is playing? Even if they say they “think” he is crazy demonstrates a fatal flaw in logic, perception and professionalism. You’re looking at 35 quacks with some serious issues. It’s like seeing Split and postulating the actor has multiple personality disorder because he plays a man with multiple personality disorder.

Anyone who knows anything about politics quickly realizes that it is the highest form of theater, and everything is scripted. That the POTUS should be a reality show star is actually quite fitting.

When a president is angry, he must appear calm. When a president is afraid, he must appear brave. When sad, he must appear happy. Politicians, especially effective ones, are actors by necessity and quite a few were and are actually actors. Think Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwartzenegger.


Since Sullivan has such a fondness for armchair psychology, like yours truly,  maybe he will appreciate the following:

The root and manifest diagnosis is obvious with Sullivan, interviewed in full psychosis and mania. We have a subject with a clear case of untreated Borderline Personality Disorder/Bipolar 1 Disorder With Psychotic Features, the latter explaining his unfortunate belief he is more powerful and influential than the POTUS simply because he is on television. That is not meant as a joke, it is said with a mixture of concern and empathy. An intensive regimen of mood stabilizers, dialectical behavior therapy and/or seppuku would be the doctor’s orders.

This Cat Fancy issue features an insightful article on your pet’s peeping toms.

His crippling self-esteem deficit is perhaps rooted in abandonment issues with a father figure as evidenced by his nuanced use of male pronouns. His catty intonation, eyes and general body language show there is a hint of a homosexual obsession with Trump which he, coincidentally, shares with Brian “Curly” Stelter.  Sullivan seems obsessed with, and attracted to very powerful men. Whenever he utters Trump’s name, his eye dilation and the pitch change in his voice betrays repressed sexual arousal. He is, at bottom, a beta male seeking attention from an alpha male who has absolutely no use for him. Like Stelter, he is crying “notice me! I’m on a cable news show, therefore I am stronger and smarter than President Trump!” He is, in short, saying things a helpless, delusional and irrelevant mad man would say in the face of a world power.

Now that’s crazy!

He is likely to be rude to strangers, masturbate to Cat Fancy magazine, and regularly beat his dog.

Brian “Curly” Stelter called out on his unhealthy obsession.


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