Deep State War: 4Chan: 650k of NYPD Recovered Files from Weiners/Huma’s Computer

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Pay attention so you don’t lose the opportunity to approach this right and look like fucking heroes.

Remember when I said you won’t see Hillary go down for pizza, but you will see her go down for big shit?! Then, I told you if you keep looking for her being charged for pizza, you’ll miss all of the big wins and REAL HAPPENINGS?! This is exactly what I was referring to. This is Assange’s final release (to the EXACT DAY. A YEAR LATER) of his promised, pre-election “October surprise”. He was set to release it on 10/21/16 and since 10/14/16, you’ve hardly seen him since the embassy and his Icelandic HQ went dark, with the rest of his employees other than Jacob.

Like I said in the thread before, these are the Weiner files the NYPD mirrored/retained as evidence before handing the hardware to the FBI. Some of the files are pizza-coded creepy, just like Podesta’s don’t get me wrong but the NYPD recovered ALL of the files on Weiner/Huma’s computer, which in their majority, are directly tied to ALL of Hillary’s dirty Secretary of State Middle East dealings and her backdoor foundation profits thanks to hundreds of millions in cashed payroll checks for their dirty “cooperation”. Yes. the pizza will burn, but she will ultimately go down for the shade she threw to our nation, as our Secretary of State.

Just want to be clear… you’re not getting 650k of pizza related files. You’re getting 650k of NYPD recovered files from Weiners/Huma’s computer that will mostly focus on their EXTENSIVE international/Terror funding and fueling crimes and as you read through the files, yes, you’ll see a bunch of creepy Podesta-style, back and forth files/communications, sprinkled in between. PLEASE don’t let yourselves get so excited over pizza, that you completely miss the actual fucking happening you’re being given in this release.

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