Abby Martin

The Impious Digest Officially Disavows Abby Martin

Was it not Voltaire that said "I may disagree with every word you say, but I will defend to the death your right to be a dummy; to be a David Brock air biscuit for re-tweeting Media Matters like an alt-left troll." Although at the time I felt so awful I wanted to jump out of the 7th floor window, I'm glad now that I accidentally broke the frame in that painting you had just sold in that Los Angeles art show. In fact, I am so pissed right now I'd be doing a hat dance around it, and stomping it in Doc Martin boots.

VIDEO: Tim Black With Guest Advocacy Journalist Abby Martin

Tim Black will never steal your cornbread! An interview with uber journo and deep state survivor Abby Martin. I told ya Abby, you scared the shit out of the State Department. Respect.

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Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

Digging deep into Hillary's connections to Wall Street, Abby Martin reveals how the Clinton's multi-million-dollar political machine operates. This episode chronicles the Clinton's rise to power in the 90s on a right-wing agenda, the Clinton Foundation's revolving door with Gulf state monarchies, corporations and the world's biggest financial institutions, and the establishment of the hyper-aggressive "Hillary Doctrine" while Secretary of State.

ABC’s Literal False Flag

There has long been a false flag operation that consisted of killing prisoners, dressing them in your nation's uniform, and filming "your murdered boys" to rile your country and allies, all to blame those killings on another nation. Today, the corporate media has placed Israeli "uniforms" on dead Palestinians to justify the carnage in Gaza.