This may be the one chance they get to stop this.

There is a consistent pattern where those who help despots into power eventually pay dearly for it. With Hitler, we saw the “Night of the Long Knives” where he killed all potential threats to his leadership once he was in a position of power to do so. Hitler’s first target, even before that night, was the press. Right now, Hillary’s supporters are being paid well to write favorably on her behalf, but eventually, they will write favorably, or else.

Eventually, if she gets her way, Google will be a key player in controlling the global consciousness through censorship.

Assange: Media are Risking a Demon that Would Put Nooses Around Everyone Necks

Sometimes it was because they have incurred disfavor or for nothing at all,

Bill Clinton’s  jus primae noctis, or right of the first night

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