Hillary Regrets “basket of deplorables” Comment, Meant to Call Americans “basketcase peasant cocksuckers”


After a fierce backlash from Trump supporters and political handlers watching Hillary implode in a spectacular psychological controlled demolition, Hillary made a quick retraction to explain the gaffe.

“Look, I was wrong. I truly regret I called anyone a basket of deplorables. That is not what I meant to say. What I meant to say is that his supporters are basketcase peasant cocksuckers.”

After rumors emerged that she was calling Donna Brazile, an African American, a “brown cow” chewing her cud and throwing a glass at aides after a disastrous Commander in Chief forum, Hillary has begun her charm offensive in earnest.

“Brown cow”? not cool, Hillary. Truly racist.
“As a brown cow, I am deeply offended by the fat shaming. And what’s wrong with cud chewing? You want me to snort this instead, you palsied bobble-head? That was fucked up, Hillary.”

So Jeff Bezos goes into damage control...
So Jeff Bezos goes into damage control…

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