Guess Who Opposed the Civil Rights Act?


Hillary actually believes the peaceful protest and boycott of Netanyahu and the Likud is anti-Semitic (the latter deliberately attacked UN shelters and killed UN workers in Gaza). This means Israeli opposition leaders are also anti-Semitic for opposing the attacks; and this includes Holocaust survivors, orthodox Jews, and the left wing party in Israel.

From New York Times Aug 25, 2014 , in response to Elie Weisel’s anti-Palestinian attacks. More here…

Guess Who Opposed the Civil Rights Act?

Hillary Clinton of course. Her true stance on civil rights has not changed, as her recent tirades against the BDS have demonstrated. What that is is a boycott and divestment of Israeli goods until they abide by international law and withdraw from lands they have illegally occupied, as well as a protest against the Gaza offensive that killed over 2,200 Palestinians in 2014. For them, it is not merely civil rights but human rights issue, as many in PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s party have openly called for the genocide of of Palestinians. As for Bernie Sanders, his stance on the BDS may well be the same for all I know, but at least he can say that at one time in American history, he was on the right side.


620-former-presidents-bill-clinton-george-bush-boat-ride-kennebunk-river.imgcache.rev1347390769760.webBut who was Barry Goldwater, the man this Young Republican was supporting?  “Former U.S. Senator Prescott Bush was a friend of Goldwater and supported him in the general election campaign. Bush’s son, George H. W. Bush (then running for the Senate from Texas against Democrat Ralph Yarborough), was also a strong Goldwater supporter in both the nomination and general election campaigns.”


First, some background on what ties the Clinton and Bush bloodlines together…

The oligarchy that is pushing a Bush-Clinton dynasty is not lost on mainstream news assets as well. Even Time Magazine covered it on May, 2014: “A 2016 Bush-Clinton Match-Up? Gag Me.”


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