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To Editor:

Apologies to the horse.

I selected all of the above [in the complaint form] just so I could send this message, while I appreciate news outlets that try to get the truth out there, a lot of this website comes off as way too rude and angry. If you really wanted to educate the masses, you could be a bit nicer and more understanding (don’t change your opinion on Fox News though, I’m not sure there’s any saving those people). I just wish that there was some actual trustworthy news source that isn’t so hostile. You put in that rebuttal page for what? Do you want to put down political debate? Are you trying to make some kind of point about how it seems like no one in politics is willing to compromise or debate sensibly anymore? It’s pointless and just drives potential readers away. If you want to respond publicly to this one could you put in some other news sites that try to be more informative?

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Dear Not Too Happy Reader,

Thank you for writing. You do raise a good point but what drives some readers away draws others in. The surest way to failure is to try to please everyone. Fact of the matter is, despite the solid journalism, this site isn’t designed to be a news outlet (it doesn’t have a marketing budget) and it actually started out as a joke in a heckler’s chat room. This is why, if you think about it, a lot of the tone is often one you would expect from bored or indignant hecklers at a press briefing. There are no ads, no one is paid, and often there is no point. You say “a lot of this website comes off as way too rude and angry” but this site is called The Impious Digest, not The Pious Digest. The Merriam-Webster definition is more for my own recall than anyone else’s…

IMPIOUS:  not pious:  lacking in reverence or proper respect (as for God or one’s parents)irreverent

Some day someone will come up with a Pious Digest, perhaps, but I wonder how they will cover something as obscene as politics and war.

You asked about sources I trust that I think are informative. Here they are:

Glen Greenwald is great and so is Abby Martin. Robert Parry also comes to mind.  They’re like the Holy Trinity of Journalism. Anissa Naouai from RT’s In the Now is great too. It seems a rule of thumb is that the more a news personality is adored by the establishment press, the less credible he or she may be. The rebuttal page, since you asked, is there to get reactions like yours. You bothered to write. See? It works. But what you say is also true. There is a subtle point to that rebuttal page in that there is no respectful debate and that ultimately, any news or blog site reflects only what the owner or editor wants it to reflect; that you have to make your own site to be heard the way you want to be heard.

In closing, let me wish you the best and sign off with an old Irish saying: “May you have warm words on a cool evening, a full moon on a dark night,  a smooth road all the way to your door, and may Rupert Murdoch choke on a moose cock and die in a fire.”


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