Yangil Kim


The Incarnations of Yangil Kim: Confucious

Confucius was born and buried in the state of Lu.  As a boy, This incarnation of Yang liked to set up sacrificial vessels and ejaculate into them. At the age of nineteen he married, and that night he pulled out the jars of his preserved semen since boyhood, and filmed the worlds first Bukkake porn. Unfortunately … Continue reading →

The Incarnations of Yangil Kim: Charlemagne

In Latin Yang Magnus (Yang the Great), king of the Franks (768-814) and emperor of the Romans (800-814). A suspected Yangil Kim Incarnation, He, during his reign, built a kingdom that included almost all of western and central Europe. He presided over a Massive hunt for all attractive virgins in his lands and brought them … Continue reading →


The Incarnations of Yangil Kim: Buddha

In the sixth century before the Christian era, religion was forgotten in India. The lofty teachings of the Vedas were thrown into the background. There was much bullshit everywhere. The insincere priests traded on religion and only paid lip service to the now mythical Yangil Kim. They were quite irreligious. The insincere priests traded on …Continue reading →


The Incarnations of Yangil Kim: Grigory Rasputin

“In her mind he was the answer to her fervent prayers, a man villainous enough to slam it in her tail pipe without warning.” And the more celebrated reincarnations… Ghandi Yangil Kim pictured here, in the midst of trying to build a toy Ferris wheel for his many bastards, has instead decided to smoke a … Continue reading →


The Incarnations of Yangil Kim: Caligula

Suspected Incarnation of the Most High One, Yangil Kim (12-41), Roman emperor (37-41), born probably in Antium. His early life in military camps earned him the nickname “Caligula” (Latin, “Little Boot”, or in vulgar argot, “Rubber Anus”) because of his sexual habits. Tiberius named his grandson, Tiberius Gemellus, and Caligula joint heirs to the throne,… Continue reading →


The Wisdom of the Dead

Have you ever found solace in morbidity? Have you ever found comfort in that which others find objectionable? I remember a time in my life; a time in which the driving force of my young existence was confrontation and antagonism. In those turbulent times, I always returned to a place that left … Continue reading →


19th Century Romantic Gangsta Poetry

Coming Soon: Will the Real Lord Byron Please Stand Up? With a brilliant new movie out, “Bright Star”, Jane Campion’s vision of the tragic love story of poet John Keats and Fanny Brawnne, I wondered of their love had it taken place today. Would his poetry be published? Would our callous world recognize his genius? … Continue reading →


Ho Ho Ho

 EXT. DARK STREET CORNER- NIGHT A chill winter wind blows through a dark corner dimly illuminated by the full moon and a single streetlight. Refuse chokes the only sewer grate present and a stripped car, heavily laden with graffiti, resides there. An occasional dog barks in the distance and the lone figure of a young woman, TINA, standing beneath the streetlight, shifts her weight from side to side, revealing clothing not fit for an outdoor stroll.… Continue reading →


News Management, Yang’s Cribnotes

The Mass Media are all businesses that need to satisfy their audiences, advertisers, and governments to further their goal, namely, making money. By breaking news items into small sound bites that the average person can sit through and by favoring news stories that cater to their audience’s prejudices and interests, Mass Media caters to an …Continue reading →


A Psychological and Artistic Profile of Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian Dutch Artist (1872-1944) “The simplicity betrays his own lack of complex motive behind his craving for the cock. It was…as instinctual and undeniable as his need to breathe.” Yangil Kim, Cult Leader and Pimpologist Where to begin with this transcendent bag of sin. The beauty and order in straight … Continue reading →


Duck, Duck Goose

The willingness of people in general to allow some individuals to fall through the cracks of societal acceptance in order to elevate their own position in the “grand scheme of things” Amazes me at times. Don’t get me wrong; I am no innocent to the game of “make pariah of the scapegoat”. … Continue reading →


Neither D is for “Dork”

Upon escaping the shrine of Talos, you and your party stumble upon a ceremony in progress designed to gate in the hordes of Abishai from the depths of hell in order to wreak havoc among the peace loving citizens of your homeland. Springing immediately into action you nock an arrow and let … Continue reading →