Who’s Your Daddy, Lady Cameron?


Reprisal Killings to Rival Nazi Germany

112,000 signatures on a petition to debate Israeli Prime Minister’s status as a war criminal after the slaughter over 2,200 civilians in Gaza over the suspicious killings of three Israeli youths. He gets a hero’s welcome, because to these “elites” that is exactly what he is. We caught up with Cameron as he walked bow-legged from Bibi’s room, ecstatic and very clearly in love.

“Hey you bitch ass ho, what the fuck were you thinking?”

“Let’s see, side with humanity or that sexy war criminal and Thatcher’s VIP Dolphin Square paedophiles? Hmmm…for me it was clear. I had to follow my heart.”

That was a thought that lasted only one second before British Prime Minister David Cameron laid eyes on Benjamin Netanyahu again.



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