Trump Unveils Secret Weapon to Destroy Dems: “Operation GET HILLARY OUT OF WOODS”

Let’s not forget that the women’s march, as large as it was, excluded Hillary Clinton. That’s how unpopular she really is. She also destroyed the DNC to the extent all of their staffers had to get fired to purge the systemic corruption and Clinton cronyism that ruined it as she attempted a coronation. Surely President Trump knows that her return from the woods is deeply appreciated by independents, Republicans, progressive Dems and most mammals. Outrage fatigue? Not helping. Calling everyone and everything racist and sexist? How’s that working out for you?

Cut your losses, guys… wait, never mind. Carry on. You’re doing just fine. Seriously. Resist! Enlist! Buy Chelsea’s book! compare her skill set to Ivanka’s. So Republicans, be afraid! Be very afraid, Hillary is coming, and politically speaking, she is about to break all your fists with her face again.

Even the Democrats are rattled: “We’re fucked. She’s back!” added Madam Schiff.

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