Too Painfully Real for Fiction

Note: This is part of a larger article from Sorcha Faal but this clip really stands out on its own. The full piece will be posted later, or you can view it here.


With both Turkey and Saudi Arabia having stopped all of their funding of Islamic terror groups in Syria, with Turkish President Recep Erdogan even praising Russia’s role there, this report says, General Lapin has been able to report that the entirety of Syria is now nearly completely under the control of its legitimate government too—and who further stated:

“All the conditions are in place for the final stage of defeating the Islamic State in Syria.  Only parts of the eastern cities of Raqqa and Deir-es-Zor remain under the control of the IS, and both cities will fall before the end of the year.

All that remains to do is reconquer the big enclave around Idlib in northwestern Syria that is ruled by the al-Qaeda affiliate that used to be known as the Jabhat al-Nusra.

The operation to destroy the fighters of the IS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups on Syrian territory will continue until their complete and guaranteed destruction.” 

Lieutenant-General Alexander Lapin, commander of all Russian forces in Syria, guarantees total destruction of Islamic terrorists

The only peoples in the world not knowing that Russia has nearly singlehandedly defeated the Islamic terrorists in Syria, thus signally an end to this catastrophic war, this report notes, are the American’s whose political elites won’t allow them to know this truth—and who have now, also, gone to the shocking censorship lengths of inserting into their newest defense bill a provision outlawing anyone in the United States from reading, or seeing, any Russian news accounts of what’s occurring—a move that resembles the strategy of the former Soviet government that strictly controlled domestic media and suppressed radio broadcasts from Europe to insulate the population of the country from ideas and narratives it deemed unfit.

This censorship system (dubbed the “Iron Curtain”) being imposed upon the American people, this report concludes, backfired on the Soviets and became a major factor in eroding the Communist Party’s control—a fact not noticed by some hysterical Hillary Clinton supporting lawmakers in the US Congress who, just 3 days ago, demanded that a Washington D.C. radio station (105.5 FM) broadcasting Radio Sputnik’s programming be shut down because it “influenced the election—a claim that defies all laws of space and time as this station didn’t start carrying Radio Sputnik until 1 July of this year, fully 9 months AFTER President Trump was elected.

Want to understand Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party?  Read Saul Alinsky!

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