Deep State War: Asia trip is a consolidation of power

Obama: U.S. in submissive posture. Trump: U.S. in non-submissive posture.

Inb4 the President is telling us before hand because we are the 21st century version of a “Well Armed Militia”.

Q Clearance Cue Clearance

This is your Cue. You have Clearance to discuss the things I’m about to initiate conversation about. This is your sign you are no longer enemies of the state. Someone with actual or near Q Clearance would have to make this decision.

We are /pol/ because we are the essence of anti-establishment. We are the outcasts and the exiled. In being such we are aware of Wonderland. We cannot be gaslit. Evidence in support of this claim:

This Asia trip is a consolidation of power. China:

-POTUS & Family are dined in the Forbidden City.

-News says it’s rare, it’s not only rare, it’s unheard of. To say it is a gesture of honor is an understatement, it’s a gesture of commitment to being together, it is to become one in a vision for the future.

-POTUS’s grand-daughter speaks fluent Chinese, and was a viral sensation in China, coincidence? I don’t believe in them.

-FLOTUS was outfitted not with some standard garb but elegant, top of the line, become a national treasure, garment.

-The United States is getting a silicon fabrication facility. This. Is. Huge. Potentially no more backdoored hardware. Allows enforcement of standards South Korea:

-South Korea speech happens, the Leader of South Korea introduces POTUS as ‘Leader of the World’. The former Leaders of the World are hands down the Rothchilds. there can be little debate about the identity of the Final Boss.

-If the Rothchilds are actually in NK. and that’s the Disneyland of the Elites sick nightmare, then that the aforementioned point is a challenge.


-Enough said. Don’t fuck with us. And they communicate with things we’re good at. like finding where pictures were taken.

>Who exposed Hollywood.

Shia Fucking LeBouf. HWNDU was recruitment/training. Praise Kek.

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Who bought 4chan?

Hiroshimoot. Why would you buy an entire ocean of piss?

Tale of Two Presidents: Obama and Trump.

I’ll tell you why. because Japan is PROTECTING us in this battle. Who do you want on your side in cyberwarfare? Japan or CIA-niggers? Some motherfucker spent a fortune on us for this event. Moot is a google sellout faggot. Yes I hear you about the captchas but what the hell is a fella to do?

All of the Nations POTUS has visited have pledged more or less the same thing.

-No more corruption. -No more Human Trafficking. -No more Economic Warfare.

-No more deals that siphon the world economy and stir war between our nations for money, this alone will lead to prosperity and global peace. No Rothchilds. no CIA.

No CIA. no subversion arm for the Rothchilds. No subversion arm for the Rothchilds. no war. No war. no cover for child trafficking/resource grabs. No cover for child trafficking/resource grabs, no access for elites. No access for elites, guaranteed by nations working together, the death of their culture. No culture, no future.

The death of a way of life, a way of control, and the ultimate method of subversion.

The greatest happening since the Birth and Death of Jesus Christ our Lord, and someone was thoughtful enough to include us. Thank you.

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